ZooCom announces the High School Cup with a Fortnite tournament between the schools

More than a game“: With this premise ZooComthe group’s creative media agency One daylaunches the first edition of the Lycée Coupe aimed at students between the ages of 14 and 19 selected by schools across Italy: eight weeks for a structured project aimed at ActressOne of the most lived-in universe of Gen Z, for initiate a dialogue between young people and businesses on the orientation and professional future of the youngest.

The project offers brands a bridge to an ongoing goal as a person, citizen and consumer, “more than a game“so. For this tournament, ZooCom entrusts the Media partnership at ScuolaZooa reference point for students, and to ProGaming Italiaexcellence of national exports, technical management; two companies already strong in collaboration with Lucca Comics & Games with excellent results (7.8 million opinions and 1 million likes in just 5 days, we read in the note).

You play along Fortnite, Epic Games’ popular FPS Battle Royale title. The tournament is divided into phases: the first two weeks are dedicated to high school announcements and recruitment; then, we will move on to the qualifying sessions, held every Sunday for a month. For the rest of the week, the hype remains strong with previews, results, news and information about the world of gaming and school and post-school training thanks to many activities designed by ScuolaZoo.

Only the top 20 finishers of each session of the tournament can then access the final phase, broadcast a special event live via Youtube and TikTok, which it will also involve prominent faces from the game worldtrue Fortnite hero players who act as ambassadors at the most important moment of the tournament and who reinforce the event through their social channels.

All schools, regardless of participation in the tournament, will be the Video Webinar that ScuolaZoo will co-create with ProGaming Italia Skills education (now more and more requests to the very young) and work professions directly connected to the gaming worldone of the most innovative sectors in the world of work, a real source of inspiration for young people.

“High School Cup aims to provide the market with a solution where entertainment and education are invited to reach as synonyms,” he says Massimo Pecchenini, ZooCom’s Head Of Creative Strategy. “Because today gaming is not only the connected world par excellence of the Gen Z children, it is not only one of the most economically relevant industries and used as a brand of media, but a new gateway for training and integration into the world of work.”

Play better has always been our motto and with more than one game project we will work with our partners ZooCom and ScuolaZoo to give the world of video game entertainment a chance to train on the values ​​we have pursued for years in ProGaming, inclusivity , Professionalism and collaboration, ”he explains Daniel Schmidhofer, CEO of ProGaming Italia.


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