Youth Difficulties in Puglia, a Virtual Desk is Born: “Great Worry”

The Puglia region is implementing a series of socio-health and school support initiatives to address the psychological distress of young people, which is rising with peaks of emergency: ranging from the territorial network against eating disorders to the recruitment of school staff to enable management funds. the stable presence of psychologists and educators in schools, and finally in the listening centers, to deal with alcohol and drug addicts. Commitments in this regard were made by Regional Counselors Rocco Palese (Health), Sebastiano Leo (Education and Vocational Training) and Rosa Barone (Wellbeing) on ​​the occasion of the discussion with experts and families online promoted by the virtual spelling.

The recording of the debate is available on the website and on the Facebook page of the same Sportello. University of Bari professor Maria Giuseppina Petruzzelli reported the increase in the number of adolescent hospitalizations in Puglia equal to 25 per cent last year and the shortage of beds in child neuropsychiatry wards; Finally, he pointed out that most of the hospitalized patients have acute psychopathological images and are at risk of suicide.

Tina Gesmundo, teacher at Bari G. G. Salvemini School of Science, emphasized the importance of teaching staff in order to gain support through the inclusion in schools of specialized professional figures such as those of educators. He also recalled that the number of “bes” (children with “special educational needs”) increased by 28 percent in these two years of the pandemic, as it raised an alarm among sector specialists such as Vice President Anpe (National Association Italian) has. Educators), who in his speech called for the implementation of the Regional Law 31 of 2009, which already provided for a permanent presence of educators and psychologists in schools. For his part, Sebastiano Leo, Mathematics Teacher and Counselor for Education and Vocational Training of the Puglia Region announced an “extraordinary project” for schools and families, guaranteeing that “within a month we will have defined all the details for the initiatives with the new school year. ”, Starting with the presence of specialists in the schools. Leo also predicted the support for teachers and families, not just for children, and for all school staff, believing that the whole world, which revolves around the education and upbringing of children, in this Initiatives involved should be:

“Just as anorexia not only requires the intervention of a psychiatrist, but – he points out – of the working groups of specialists.” The Regional Councilor for Health, Rocco Palese, stated: “The Councilor for Health and the Ministry of Health of the Puglia region are mobilized to set up a network against eating disorders, because we are in dire need of them. We need to infrastructure health services for schools, a job of
Coordination between departments with specific projects. “Palese declared himself” nostalgic “for the school medical services, which were implemented for about ten years and then canceled and absorbed by the local health authorities:” It was a serious mistake, also because the local health authorities do not even address the problem of the school today. Palese said he was particularly concerned about the widespread psychological state of adolescents: “I am aware – he stresses – that young people have serious problems of fragility, it is a fragile generation. Many children, almost all – he insists – had problems with the vaccination, they were weakened during the injection and this shows a huge fragility. In addition, the pandemic context has exacerbated the situation with reference to anorexia, depression, anxiety »

In her speech, the Councilor for Society, Rosa Barone, stated: “Today, we can only buffer the situation, because we are experiencing a deepest emergency, including values. I’m ready to do anything. ” The Baron stated that “in our new social plan, we have also reserved money for the parishes, so that they are capable and enable projects for the children to do. We have to work a lot on the family and social inconvenience because we have very serious problems, also for addictions to alcohol, sex and drugs ”. The commissioner finally condemned that he “gets a lot of reports also regarding autism, a disease that now seems to have an exponential increase. We have set up hearing aids in school, but it never seems to be enough. It is important to understand what is happening. And that “It can only be done if one works in synergy with the clubs and also with the departments. Above school, however, boys need to be taken to the streets. A culture of self-worth must be created”.

The virtual office of was created by the Puglia region and is managed by the Forum of Family Associations: it was created with the aim of informing the families about the possibilities of the Puglia region with the measures provided by the Regional Family Policy Plan .

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