Young people with no future in the Salerno area

The insecurities of the youth age have grown ever greater, and in recent years the youth transition, which is already complicated in itself, has become really difficult. The pandemic has injected strong fears even the smallest, the crisis and the war undermine the confidence in the future of older children, the disintegration of the social fabric, due to growing economic difficulties, feeds the psychological need of young people most vulnerable families, condition – and negative – mind and behavior. Confronted with all this, the “supply chain” of education, parent-school society, does not seem to be able to provide appropriate remedies to link personal growth and psychological development that is “immature” to the alternative, sometimes really perverse, Learning by yourself. -styled Leader. – Pack.

There is not a day that goes by that we do not read about acts of bullying, conflicts and assassinations against people with disabilities, as recently in the city (source: OcchioSalerno), it is convenient, perhaps, to show life as a squalid television reality in which selfishness, hedonism, humor, prevarication prevail. There is no need to talk about money and drugs either. The contribution to this upheaval is well known.

When young people are hoping for a future community that is more aware, fair and supportive, it is doubtful that empty conscience and inadequate understanding can contribute. The strongest will manage power, deny free will, and dominate political and social life. And we also know very well that a community of some powerful and many subjects, ready to say “Lord”, is never democratic. Unfortunately, some numbers are enough to understand the conditions of our city.

According to the latest Openpolis survey, 10.8% of the approximately 13,000 young people aged 15 to 24 graduate early, in the province it is 17%, with peaks of up to 20% due to the implicit dispersion of young people with a diploma second degree and first degree culture. Then 75.18% of the approximately 69,000 residents aged 25 to 64 have only a second degree diploma. Therefore, with the integration of the data, there would be at least 1,400 / 1,500 young people not studying and 52,000 inhabitants with a high school diploma, of which at least 10,000 with a leading culture. It seems that the presence of the university could not affect the level of preparation. Perhaps, it prepares young people for emigration.

In the face of certain evidence, it would be interesting for those who talk about technology in “Industry 4.0” to know what they are proposing to the thousands of citizens who are in real danger of becoming victims of exploitation or deviant associations. It is to them that we must first think not with useless table rounds, but with concrete interventions that are agreed upon between all the subjects of the formation chain.

Therefore, the use of ‘mentoring’ can be helpful, as it is known to be an educational method that supports young people in the search for psychological balance accompanied by cultural growth, formation of a spiritual conscience, introduction and coexistence. social.

With a specially constituted third-sector entity, the specific and “secret” causes of abandonment should initially be identified for each “missing or weak” topic, with “one-on-one” meetings being examined in a critical key, the coherence of the school address with the inclination, preparation, awareness of own means in respect of the required commitment. And, depending on the weaknesses in the emotional realm, in education and in the material needs, a replacement path of recovery should be identified with self-directed study courses conducted in laboratories and workshop schools of know-how and conducted. talent. The socially disadvantaged young people should be offered financial contributions or accommodation in the boarding school, so as not to burden the families and / or counteract inappropriate deviant pressure. Finally, at the end of the cycle, the start of activities should be supported by making the premises available mainly in the historic center, to restore to dedicated tourist routes (the way to make, glass, ceramics, gold, etc.), and with the provision of subsidized financial support, continuous administrative and commercial advice, tutoring by expert craftsmen. So we were able to inspect the workshops of ceramics, binder, inlaid wood, stone, iron, marble and the workshops of music and art.

If we really want to change the future of the city, we must commit ourselves to giving our young people a future, even more so when they are lacking or weak, in order to transform their passions, desires, skills and sensibilities into a source of employment. and Income. gifted. They are the real wealth. They may not have a degree, but they will be prepared, aware and honest citizens. It can be done. Just want it.

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