“You become bullies”, a Youtube channel was born to develop antibodies against bullying in teenagers

Bullying at school, every tool is useful for analyzing the phenomenon, understanding it and proposing solutions and interventions.

The project “Bulli si Become” is enriched with a new tool, that of the web, by one Youtube Channel to give teachers, researchers, institutions elements and ideas to tackle the phenomenon of bullying. The Youtube channel is the natural continuation of a project that was born as a study interest, further with a survey in the schools, which later became a book (Bulli si Become). The creators and conductors of these initiatives are Professor Gaetano Mollo, former Professor of Pedagogy at the University of Perugia, and Roberto De Vivo, Doctor of Philosophy and Ethics of Human Relations.

“The channel wants to be an extension of the book, so much so that it takes its name, designed to give meaning to the work in recent years in schools – says Roberto De Vivo – It is a continuum with what has been achieved in recent years, but through a middle youth: picking up the themes of the book, extending the project to get in touch with young people through a social channel, and invading their country to raise awareness ”.

Bullying and cyberbullying are an experience of daily suffering for many young people: 68% of them claimed to have seen episodes of bullying or cyberbullying, while 61% were victims.

According to Istat surveys, boys and girls express suffering from episodes of psychological violence suffered by colleagues (42.23%) and in particular 44.57% of girls report the strong recognition felt by making unwanted comments of a sexual nature get online. On the other hand, 8.02% of girls admit to having been bullied, or cyberbullying, a percentage that increases for boys up to 14.76%. Over 50% of children between the ages of 11 and 17 have been bullied, and among those who use mobile phones every day (85.8%), as many as 22.2% report being victims of cyberbullying.

Statistics also confirm that cyberbullying affects girls more, to the extent that 12.4% of young women admit to being victims, compared to 10.4% of boys. This difference is mainly due to the suffering caused by comments of a sexual nature that 32% of girls, against 6.7% of boys, suffer. Online provocations affecting 9.5% of adolescents affect males (16%) more than females (7.2%).

Among the other risks that run on the Internet, young people report the loss of their privacy (49.32%), revenge porn (41.63%) the risk of seduction by malicious actors (39.20%) stalking (36, 56%) and online harassment (33.78%).

“Bullying, and cyberbullying even more, are phenomena that are strongly influenced by the times in which we live: selfishness, narcissism, lack of empathy, lack of friendship – continues De Vivo – The Youtube channel is an attempt to confront this battle and Do not forget that the phenomenon is constantly growing: in 2019, 50% of young people had suffered a bullying act; by 2020, it had changed to 61%. What does this mean? That 6 out of 10 boys were bullied. the problem is not managed, but only used as an advertising spot “.

The channel was created with the intention of producing updated videos, featuring interviews with experts and lessons learned, creating specific content, streaming broadcasts related to bullying with artists, professionals and psychologists. “We want to create a functional channel, with continuous updating of content – concludes De Vivo – Creates a virtual online interaction with schools, institutions, public and private bodies. We believe it is an additional tool for communicating, sharing skills, sharing knowledge produce, develop anti-bullying curriculum.

Fifty years ago we started talking about eating disorders, now in Umbria we have the Francisci Center – recalls Professor Mollo – Fifty years ago this phenomenon was hidden, today bullying is still a hidden phenomenon: both of the bully who is ashamed to say what happened, both of the bully who does not want to say his misdeeds. How did we come to propose solutions first? With prevention and awareness this must also be done against bullying. And school plays a fundamental role, if it respects the exchange between the demand for knowledge and the offer of contributions ”.

There are three fundamental aspects that characterize the project ‘Bulli si Become’ and are based on three ‘I’: ‘Interventions, as in the school, which asks for a counselor; Indications, texts or experiences such as group work that has already been done in schools – says Gaetano Mollo – Information: it is aimed at young people, but it is also important for adults, so that they become aware of the topic through planning of school education, in raising people, and with prevention. This all works when the children respect each other. When children have passions like music, sports, art, literature, they have no time to bully; they would rather go trekking, sports, have friends. It’s boredom and insecurity, the inability to live the passions that create the bully – concludes the professional Mollo – The channel wants to create a sociological and pedagogical awareness of the phenomenon, a psychological relevance of attention to bullying and bullying develop, work on respect for nature, animals, culture and oneself. A channel is needed to network all of this so that we can talk through consultations with specialists and information about bullying as a lack of many things: lack of self-recognition, inability to see diversity, the dimension of the other, help from classmates find, improve the relationship dynamics, the conversation in a training school and not just an educational one ”.

The Youtube channel “Bulli si Become” was created by Matteo Giuseppe Palmisciano, electronic and IT technician, and immediately provides all the essential information, thanks to a 2-minute introductory video explaining the birth of the channel, the goals, the Cover of the book and how to contact authors and consultants. The channel offers all lecture, convention and lecture materials and a drive folder with shared materials and biographies. The next appointments are planned in two video streams per month with guests and professionals.


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