Yes for the school size 2023/24, in La Spezia the novelty of the ‘Design’ address at the Cardarelli Lycée

The Regional Council, at the suggestion of the Councilor for School, University and Training, Ilaria Cavo, started the process for the approval of the school network plan and the training offer plan of the Liguria region for the school year 2023/2024. The plan is now submitted to the regional council for final approval after the process in the commission and the Cal. Among the most important innovations in size, the new school complex in Finale Ligure, the activation of addresses for dental technicians and opticians in the Marassi prison and the activation of evening courses of vocational training in the IIS Giancardi-Galilei -Aicardi di Alassio, the institution of Human Sciences High School at Lanfranconi High School in Genoa. With this provision, in the light of the regional guidelines and the proposals contained in the plans of the Metropolitan City of Genoa and the Ligurian Provinces, in agreement with the Regional School Office for Liguria and with the contribution of the various components of the school sector, the The region intervenes on the dimension of the school network and on the educational offer of the schools. “Again, this is a plan that favors an increase in the offer of education instead of increasing its size – underlines Commissioner Cavo – In this program, synergies are privileged with the creation of the new Finale Ligure center, which results from the amalgamation of the” Higher . Secondary institute and Issel Lycée. The expansion of evening courses completes the picture. As always, everything comes from listening to the needs of the territory with the support of the regional school management. Now the plan will go to the attention of the Regional Council, where we hope that there will be the unanimous consensus that we have already gathered compared to the territorial components “.

The resolution of the size of the school therefore moves again this year to the strengthening of the evening courses, which have a specific purpose strictly linked to the type of user, and to the need of education, formation and eternal education correspond to the adults: a valid opportunity to return in a training course for all those who intend to resume their abandoned or interrupted studies, or for those who want or need to improve their social and professional status. and ‘Food and wine and hotel hospitality ‘ at the Alassio headquarters of the IIS Giancardi-Galilei- Aicardi and courses on ‘Agriculture, rural development, improvement of local products and management of forest and mining resources’ at the Albenga branch of the same institute. Regarding the courses for adults, the activation of the automation articulation of the course ‘Electronics and Electrical Engineering’ should be reported in Genoa at the Majorana Giorgi Institute. In this plan, attention should also be paid to professional directions. In Savona, the activation of the Energy Division of the Mechanics, Mechatronics and Energy branch at the Ferraris Pancaldo Institute in Savona is planned. In Genoa, the Odero Institute is expected to include the address “Services for Health and Social Welfare”. In La Spezia instead, the establishment of the ‘design’ address at the IIS Cardarelli artistic high school is planned. The image of professional addresses is complete with the activation of addresses for dental technicians and opticians in Marassi prison thanks to IPSIS Gaslini Meucci. Finally, the activation of the Human Sciences Lycée at the Lanfranconi Lycée in Genoa is planned and the multimedia audiovisual address at the Luzzati artistic Lycée in Chiavari.

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