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MEP Italia is a cultural, non-political and non-profit association, founded in 1996 by teachers and students, which aims to educate young generations on European nationality, in particular through events and simulation sessions of the European Parliament. Over the years, it has built an extensive European network of partners as well as territorial networks of MEP schools in Italy.
To date, 39 schools from 9 regions are part of the national network. The European Parliament’s simulation sessions each year involve more than 2,000 students from all over Italy, and Liceo Ginnasio di Stato “F. Scaduto” has been able to shape their collaboration since 2006 as the only polo school in Sicily. Italy’s MEPs organize once a year in different Italian cities meetings between students from schools in different regions to simulate the activities of the European Parliament. Each institute is represented by a delegation of students previously elected through institute, city, regional interregional sessions. The delegates take on the role of MEPs and carry out various activities: they are divided into commissions, according to the real committee of the European Parliament.
Here the delegates work on various topics related to constitutional issues, environment, public health, health emergencies due to the Covid 19 epidemic, gender equality, agriculture and so on and then prepare solutions for discussion together. Then the various commissions come together
in a large assembly corresponding to the plenary session of the European Parliament, where all resolutions are illustrated, discussed and voted. The whole work, which is divided into a few days, is carried out with great awareness by the students, who, in addition to an autonomous early preparation for the topics to be dealt with, comply with the regulations laid down in the Strasbourg Assembly.
All of these activities are led and coordinated by students, defined as Chairs (or Presidents of the Commission)
and Presidents of the Assembly, who are elected from among those who have already had experience in previous years and who differ in skill and interest.
For most of the participants, the experience ends at this higher level by participating in the international / Euroregional sessions, in which the work is conducted exclusively in English.
The MEP project is a PCTO way. We are pleased to inform you that the 16th MEP 2022 school session will take place from March 28 to April 1 in our high school and will end with the plenary session at the Butera Theater.
We would like to thank the institutions of the municipality of Bagheria for their sensitivity to the project
and give us the opportunity to use the Butera Theater. A big wish to the delegates of Liceo Ginnasio di Stato “F. Ofgelaaf” who live with great commitment and deep emotion this incredible experience based on dialogue, friendship and training for civil engagement.
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