Work completed for over 4 million euros

In recent days, the mayor of Forlì, Gian Luca Zattini, and councilors Paola Casara and Vittorio Cicognani have carried out a thorough inspection of three major schools in the Forlì region, subject to a profound restyling of a structural, seismic and energetic point. of view. They are the primary “Dante Alighieri”, “Livio Tempesta” and “Focaccia”. Three strategic complexes for the student population of Forlì, in so many districts of the city; in the historic center, in the Cava and in San Martino in Strada. Accompanying the mayor and the aldermen were engineers Gianluca Foca, Benedetta Farolfi, Claudio Arpinati, investigator Erio Bandini, and school principals Anna Starnini, Daniela Bandini and Maria Teresa Luongo.

“School construction is an absolute priority of this administration – begins Mayor Zattini – I want to thank all our technicians and officials for the quality of the work done. In these schools, our students can enjoy beautiful and safe places, created in the Compliance with current legislation and with the best techniques from the point of view of the liveability of the classrooms. implementing future plans that will transform and adapt our schools to the highest levels of comfort and safety. ”

The works in “Dante Alighieri”

At the Dante Alighieri primary school, the renovation works, for a total of 200,000 euros, have been completed for about ten days. What was once the caretaker’s old house, on the first floor of a side part of the building, has been completely renovated and used as a teaching office. Personnel and accounting offices filled the room on the second floor, while the archive area, on the ground floor, was cleaned, renovated and secured. In all places the fittings have been replaced due to more energy efficiency. The floors and toilets were renovated and the architectural barriers, with the construction of a new elevator, were removed. Finally, in an underground and very large environment of the complex, the company that carries out the work has created what becomes the reference archive of all 9 comprehensive institutions of the city, the landing point of all files, files and documents of the primary schools . . and Secondary of Forlì.

The works on “Livio Tempesta”

In “Livio Tempesta”, work was carried out on both the gymnasium and two floors of the primary school. Here, with total resources equal to 1 million and 600 thousand euros and a loan from the wall of 900 thousand euros, radical action was taken both from the point of view of the renovation of the premises, with the removal of the old ceilings, the use of and d ‘Installation of skylights, in the sense of removing architectural barriers, seismic adaptation and energy efficiency. Thanks to these important works, 10 primary school classrooms will move in September and benefit from totally new, large and structurally advanced classrooms.

The work in the “Focaccia”

Finally, the extension of the Lycée “Angioletto Focaccia” is the most substantial, also economical, of the three interventions made in the area, as it involves the construction from the beginning of a building that communicates with the old complex, where 5 Classes will be. established by the middle school, the secretariat, two laboratories and a very large multipurpose room to host conferences, trainings, class councils and much more. Here, with an extraordinary economic commitment of 2 million and 100 thousand euros, of which 1 million and 300 thousand euros were financed with funds from the Ministry of Education, totally new learning environments were created, air-conditioned, with floor heating and with a lift. Photovoltaic panels were installed on the roof of the building. The works, which started in March 2019, were carried out in record time taking into account the ongoing health emergency.


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