With the “Acoustic” concert by Gen Verde, the school project “Generate new relations!” of the IIS Cariati – ilCirotano

With the highly acclaimed “Acoustic” concert by Gen Verde, an international musical group of all women, the school project “Generate new relationships!” by IIS Cariati. The event was sponsored by the province of Cosenza and the municipalities of Cariati, Crosia Mirto, in collaboration with the association “New Year in Paradise” and with some local companies that contributed to the initiative. The hope, evoked in the title of the IIS project in Cariati “GENeriAmo reports new”, was fully confirmed with the extraordinary success of the concert “Gen Verde Acoustic” on April 29 at the Cinema Teatro di Cariati, the first stage of the tour . . that holds the historical education for 2022. The project, strongly promoted by the director of IIS Cariati, prof. Sara Giulia Aiello, involved students, teachers and ATA staff, as part of the “Io ho cura 3” program – National program of civic education and training for world citizenship for schools of all types and levels, including in the PTOF of the Institute , to promote dialogue and solidarity against equality and the culture of development. “Io ho cura 3” is promoted by the National Network of Schools for Peace, National Coordination of Local Bodies for Peace and Human Rights, Table of Peace, Human Rights Center “Antonio Papisca” and Unesco Chair “Human Rights, Democracy and Peace” University of Padua, School of Higher Education “Education to Encounter and Solidarity” by LUMSA of Rome. The themes developed in the project were constantly recalled in school education, in an intercultural perspective, through the principles, values, feelings, orientations and behaviors that respond to the proper education of today’s students and the citizens of tomorrow. . Brought to the theater and also during the “five days” of the workshops that the Gen Verde artists set up with the students of the IIS Cariati. The event was sponsored by the province of Cosenza, by the municipalities of Cariati and Crosia Mirto, in collaboration with the association “New Year in Paradise” and with some local companies, which contributed to the excellent success of the initiative. The Project “We’re generating new relationships!” it was a particularly important event configured for the IIS Cariati, as it represents a training opportunity of high social, artistic and musical importance. It develops, in fact, with the “Coaches” of Gen Verde through the concert / show, in front of the multidisciplinary artistic workshop (singing, dancing, theater and percussion), which last 5 days with the participation of forty students from all complexes of the IIS Cariati, where they were encouraged to develop and rediscover existing talents, in a harmony of different styles and rhythms, talents and cultures of the world. With great enthusiasm from DS Aiello, as well as from all the school staff and young participants, the exceptional Gen Verde immediately came into harmony with the young people, bringing them talent and professionalism accompanied by laughter, friendship and human warmth. During the workshops, IIS students from the theater / dance group learned the techniques of acting, stage presence, diction and rhythmic movements; while the percussion group experimented with ensemble music, they became aware of the rhythm, the time, the harmony. The activities of the project ended with the concert, before the welcome of the DS Sara Giulia Aiello, in which the musicians played some of the most significant pieces from their repertoire, including “I believe in us” and the moving song “Who will cry for you “dedicated to a migrant girl found lifeless on one of the many beaches of the Mediterranean, now too often transformed into a grave for many lives trying to escape persecution and wars. Speaking of the current tragic historical period, the Gen Verde were also applauded by a delegation of Ukrainian citizens hosted in Cariati by several families. DS Aiello is visibly pleased that “the values ​​of interculture confront us with the choice of managing relationships with new cultures in terms of mutual commitment, solidarity and interdependent relationships. In all of this, schools can play a strategic role , because the current challenge of educational institutions lies in the recognition, study and valorisation of the difference between cultures, the understanding of difference as a resource “. A challenge that in this sense is largely overcome with the success of this event, which is configured on the one hand as the conclusion of a project, on the other hand as the beginning of new human relationships. “It is through the comparison and recognition of differences that the foundations are built for a new solidarity – commented DS Aiello – and thus counteract all forms of racism and intolerance. Mutual knowledge of their own cultural universe thus overcomes prejudices and stereotypes “.

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