who owns it and how to request it

  • L ‘single check from this year on, it supports families with children;
  • All families with children up to 21 years can apply for the allowance alone;
  • The single allowance replaces several measures that supported former families.

In March 2022, what is in force happened a real revolution of family allowance. The big news this year is that the contribution for the family unit will not only go to the employees, but also to the freelancers and the self-employed, who are registered in the separate management.

In addition, the requirements for the Allocation d’Allemée have changed since this year: since last March, virtually all families can apply for the Universal Allocation for Children by presenting their ISEE Certificate to the INPS.

Childless spouses and families of sisters, brothers and grandchildren under the age of 18 are also eligible. DEN old ANF family money was replaced of the single check, a monthly payment in cash, which can reach several hundred euros.

Single check 2022: who has the right to

Since last March 1, 2022, the legislation provides that the only universal permit, to the extent of a figure specially calculated on the basis of ISEE, is to be paid to the following workers or trades:

  • Employees of the private sector;
  • House, whether administered;
  • Self-employed persons and professionals registered in a separate account in accordance with Article 2, Section 25, of Law no. 335/1995;
  • Employees of companies that were discontinued, defaulted or went bankrupt;
  • direct payment agricultural anf;
  • Naspi earn;
  • how many receive wage supplement;
  • those who receive anti-tuberculosis benefits;
  • People who are on union leave;
  • Seafarers currently stranded due to illness or accident;
  • socially useful workers (LSU);
  • Holders of an ASU allowance paid by the Social Employment and Education Fund (FSOF).
Single Check 2022

Single check for VAT

The fundamental characteristic of this check is its universality: it is in fact addressed to all workers, employees or the self-employed, or the unemployed. For this reason you Support is also interesting for those who work with a VAT number.

The allocation operation is identical to the one paid to employees, so that even those who work independently can submit a specific request for access to the measure. In this case too, the measure consists in the payment of an amount that can be achieved a few hundred euros a month.

The allowance is paid for those who are in a more difficult economic situation on the basis of ISEE, even in the case of a self-employed person with a VAT number.

Requirements for access to the single check

Let us see what requirements you must have to do this Request a single check. One of the fundamental conditions for receiving the contribution is that it is minors or children studying in the family. With a few exceptions. The family unit can consist of spouses who are connected by marriage, but also of separated or divorced single parents.

The Household will have tofurther, are in possession of the following requirements:

  • dependent young child;
  • a dependent adult child, up to the age of 21, pursuing a school or university education. Alternatively, he must have a total income of less than 8,000 euros per year or be registered as unemployed;
  • if the dependent child is disabled, the age limit is no longer valid.

Single check 2022: when the contribution arrives

To get the only check for 2022, those directly affected must submit the application directly to INPS. Performances start every year, starting in March. Applications must be submitted by February 28th of each year.

This deadline is not a correct deadline: the application can also be submitted later. If it is submitted by the end of June, the arrears for the current year will also be recognized. Otherwise, the contribution will start from the date on which the application was sent.

L ‘Individual check is paid on the 15th of each month. In case the application was submitted for the first time and you were waiting for the first accreditation, this should arrive within the next month in which the application was submitted. Once this is submitted by June 30th, the remaining time will also arrive.

Request for a single check

How the only check is paid

The only check it will not come in pay. So it is useless to look for it there. Instead it is transferred directly to the current account by bank transfer. It is also possible to request credit card domiciliation, if allowed, as long as it is in the name or common name of the applicant.

The same goes for the current account. Iban must be part of a sepa circuit (bank / post office account, credit or debit card, savings account).

As for you separate parents, the allocation can be shared between those who have parental responsibility, especially after the agreement between the two subjects, it can be paid 100% to the person entrusted to the child, or 50% between the two parents.

The only check is one additional amount each month for families with children, which according to the specific case is around a few hundred euros.

How to apply for a single check: the ISEE

We remind you that the amount of the family allowance is strictly linked to the ise of the family unit. So remember to present it updated every year must be a fundamental rule. We recall, in fact, that:

  • in the event that the ISEE is not presented, the minimum threshold for family allowance corresponding to the amount corresponding to those holding an ISEE equal to or less than 15,000 Euros will be obtained;
  • those submitting the updated ISEE by June will receive the balance of the amount prescribed in the preceding months, calculated from March;
  • if ISEE is presented after June, the amount of the allowance will be determined on the basis of the ISEE value for its family unit for the following months.
When can the single check be requested?

The contribution can be requested throughout the year. If the application is received within the month of June, you are also entitled to a refund. Otherwise you will only get the next few months.

When is the only check paid?

It is usually paid around the 15th of the month, directly to the current account communicated in the application. Find out more here.

What is ISEE for the single check?

The updated ISEE is not mandatory. But to present it is to get a higher allowance, in case you are eligible. Otherwise it is paid as if you had an ISEE equal to 40,000 Euros per year.

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