Who is Texas Congresswoman Jessica Cisneros?

DEMOCRATE Jessica Cisneros is running for a seat in Congress in the 28th District of Texas.

It runs against Conservative bipartisan Democrat Henry Cuellar, who currently holds the seat in Congress.

Who is Jessica Cisneros?

Jessica Cisneros is a Mexican-American immigration and human rights lawyer and is currently running for Congress in the 2022 election.

She is originally from Laredo, Texas, where her family moved from Mexico after her sister became seriously ill from the care provided only by the United States.

His father worked on a fruit-picking farm and later started his own trucking business to keep the family afloat and to finance the school of Cisneros and his sister.

While studying at the University of Texas School of Law, Cisneros worked with the faculty to create the Women in Immigration Detention Assistance Project.

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The project worked to provide assistance to asylum seekers in the United States at the Hutto Detention Center in Taylor, Texas.

His inspiration for pursuing immigration law came from his parents fighting for health care and benefits after moving to the United States.

She graduated in law from the University of Texas School of Law and received the Law Fellowships Excellence in Public Interest Award, the Pro Bono Award, the Chicano / Hispanic Law Students’ Association’s Spirit of Community Award and the Dean’s Achievement Award for most outstanding Student in the field of immigration law, according to their website.

Cisneros ran against Cuellar in the 2020 congressional election, but lost to the Conservative Democrat, who remains the party’s latest anti-abortion critic.

What is his policy?

Cisneros fights for the support of US veterans, extending the benefits of Social Security and others, including:

  • health care – Ensure that all citizens receive health care and health care for all, including the elimination of premiums and refusals and the expansion of coverage for dental, hearing, visual and mental health.
  • Immigration – Create an easier way for citizenship for undocumented immigrants.
  • Reproduction rights – Provide quality reproductive care and more access to abortion.
  • Suffrage – Increased support for the For The People Act which increases access to the vote and allows 16- and 17-year-olds to register to vote.
  • Economic justice – Enhanced labor laws that allow workers to negotiate safer working conditions, increase pay and negotiate benefits.
  • Armed violence – Establish more background checks for those who buy guns and ban shock stocks, high-capacity magazines and weapons of war.
  • Renewable energy – Support for the Green New Deal which switches to renewable energy with wind and solar energy to reduce the costs of the renewable energy network.
  • Education – Implement a pre-K public college and a universal business school, no tuition fees, and eliminate student debt.
  • And more…
Jessica Cisneros is against Democrat Henry Cuellar


What did Jessica Cisneros say about participating in the congressional election?

Cisneros and Cuellar will face each other in the 2020 elections.

Cuellar said Cisneros “will define police and border control” and strongly opposes his position on abortion and the “women’s right to vote”.

However, Cisneros told The Guardian: “What people have been telling us over and over again is that you know how things are now, they are not working and they want a different version – an alternative version. of what.è Texas may seem as if it was because they felt like they were taken for granted.

He added: “When it comes to raising the minimum wage in Medicare for All, it’s about the kitchen table issues that people are known to be much more concerned about.

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“… change does not happen overnight. Every little thing we do every day, I think, helps us build a brighter future.

“But I know that if we win on May 24, I really hope it’s the beginning of change in South Texas.”

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