Who is Damiano Tommasi the candidate for mayor of Verona with the advantage in the exit elections

Damiano Tommasi, 48, during the election campaign in Verona (Sartori)

Damiano Tommasi is the center-left mayoral candidate and is based on the exit poll of the consortium Opinio Italia for Rai, reached a fork of 37-41%, followed by Federico Sboarina (center-right) mat 27-31%. A surprise result because the center-left has not ruled in Verona since 2007. Tommasi has never met the political leader in public, but only privately.


Known as a former midfielder for Verona, Roma and the national team, Tommasi is 48 years old, married to Chiara and has six children. He visits the Faculty of Education at the University of Padua. Conscience, successor of Don Lorenzo Milani (many chapters of his program open with quotes from the pastor of Barbiana) He was president of the Aic (Italian Footballers Association), from 2011 until last June. Together with his wife he founded and operated a bilingual school at the top of education. He’s not offended (actually) when they remind him that when he played, he was nicknamed “.the altar boy“. five years ago, it will be the only candidate in the whole field).

No places with politicians

Behind STAINLESS laughter, an iron character but also diplomatic skills, able to overcome him even the brawl attempt between Carlo Calenda and M5S (which in Verona does not have the symbol, but has two of its candidates in the Civic of Tommasi). Allergy to controversy, he did not want mega-posters or people (“I prefer to talk to as many people as possible, look them in the eye”) and he refrained from being on the spot with both Enrico Letta and Giuseppe Conte, to emphasize the “civilian” character of his candidacy. Both Sboarina and Tosi called him “a good person but inexperienced”. He replied: “He gladly accepts the first part of the judgment, because if there were better people in politics, it would be a good step forward.”

Election promises

As for the experience, he reminded how the management of an association of professional football players requires a management education that is not unimportant, just like the management of the school he created. Among his election promises: environmental sustainability, the fight against early school exchanges and playschools in every neighborhood, rendezvous on merit and skills, s on the trolleybus, removal of architectural barriers. When the projections were confirmed and it came to the ballot paper could be helped by the ferocious rivalry between Sboarina and Tosiwhich hardly agree with each other.

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