Which school class will cover the next regular competition?

The new ones Recruitment Decree approved on 21 April in the Cdm (which is still being worked on in the Ministry of Education and therefore subject to further amendments) clarified in Article 2 such as access to the role in high school: it starts from a possible path, which gives access to the competition, which then also followed a probationary period, which fixed the contract and converted it permanently.

The step to get into the role for the secondary

Let us summarize the different steps:

  • Enables university and academic path Initial education and final examinations corresponding to not less than 60 university or academic training credits, in which theoretical and practical skills are acquired by aspiring teachers;
  • public competition held nationally, on a regional or interregional basis;
  • Process Period in service for one year with final test and final evaluation.

We remind you that this permission route is the one intendedSecondary education.

And for kindergarten and primary school?

To teach in kindergarten and primary school, to this day, the teaching qualification comes with the Master in Primary School Sciences. This degree is awarded at the end of a five-year single-cycle master’s course, including internship.
The related regulations are in Articles 3, 6 and 7 of Ministerial Decree 249 of 10 September 2010, as amended by Ministerial Decree 81 of 25 March 2013.

This consideration serves to make a hypothesis as to what times we can imagine for the next regular contest. The fact that the ordinary ordinary competition has to follow the path that is pursued by the MI in the draft of the recruitment decree and that goes through the new path (for which a significant organizational machine must be set in motion), while the ordinary childhood and primary school Competition would follow the usual rules associated with the degree of qualification, suggests that the next new normal competition could be exactly that of childhood in primary school (which requires faster gestation periods, short).

But these are hypotheses, we repeat it. The recruitment decree has in fact yet to come to the Official Gazette and in any case it could undergo many changes for its implementation into law.

The timing of the competition

Finally, we would like to remind you that, in general, the various ordinary competitions should take place every year, according to what Minister Bianchi has always hoped for, thus focusing on simplified bankruptcy proceedings, multiple choice quizzes.

In this respect, we actually read in the draft decree: In order to ensure that the ordinary competitions for teachers in playschools, primary and secondary schools for common places and support places are forbidden every year, the tests of these competitions are conducted according to simplified procedures (of which we have already referred to this link).

Preparatory courses for the school competition

To prepare for the competition, take the course Guide to school regulations, according to annEX A of ordinary competition for the secondary.

To prepare for the competition, take the course Guide to school rules, according to ANNEX A of the ordinary competition for playschools and primary schools.

To prepare you for pedagogical-didactic topics, the course will be held Basic pedagogical-didactic knowledge of the teacher, secondary school.

To prepare you for pedagogical-didactic topics, the course will be held Basic pedagogical-didactic knowledge of the teacher, Kindergarten and primary school.

To prepare you for the subject of digital education, the e-Learning Cours New trends in education, between digital and innovationintended for Teachers of all levels.

Disciplinary areas

To prepare in the disciplinary, philosophical field, Class A18 Competitiontake the course Preparation of the usual competition for philosophy and human sciences, edited by Angelo Morales.

To prepare in the discipline, philosophical field Class A19 Competitiontake the course Preparation for the usual competition for philosophy and historyedited by Salvatore Di Stefano.

To prepare for the ordinary language contest, follow the course Ordinary English competition, Competition Class A24, A25.

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