When memories light up

A book about the history of a friendship between school bushes

Alessandro Signorino Gelo

I drew and painted, he played the piano. Art was in our innocent and whirling thoughts. They also pushed us, in school and in the family, to give concrete and future to our bitter talents, which manifested themselves as vocation. We were in high school, in Agrigento, in the deep south, with our beautiful dreams as teenagers, which we shared in long and pleasant conversations at the sea and on the beaches of San Leone, together with other friends, under the light of the sun or the stars.

After so many years, we found ourselves again today the excitement of sharing a book about the school he wrote, a dear friend, now a respected professor and headmaster of a school in northern Italy.

The expectation on the book, in preparation for a national publisher specializing in professional texts, it escaped him in December 2021, on WhatsApp, in exchange of greetings and news about the course of our existence. Today the confirmation of the official publication of the book: April 22, 2022.

He, my writer friend, is called Alessandro Signorino Gelo, he is 54 years old, and he is an intelligence, a sensitivity, an artist originally from Favara. He teaches foreign languages ​​and literature in Piedmont at a school in Mondovì, Cuneo province. The book he published, his first major book, is named School legislation. It is a four-hand writing manual, for the types of EdiSES editions, along with Elisa Kamera, Teacher, expert in school law and interested in didactic innovation in the field of classical and modern languages. It was Elisa Camera herself who noticed Professor Alessandro Signorino Gelo during a seminar on Law 107, on the “Good School”.

“Elisa – Alessandro tells me – he suggested that I send the text to EdiSES. After only three days, the publisher offered to draft a handbook on school legislation. Manually he then developed every minute aspect with those who appreciated the preparation and involved him in this new exciting and formative adventure.

The book School legislation it turns out to be an updated, up-to-date, very useful text especially during a period of recruitment of new staff in Italian schools. A complete handbook for preparing for competitions where knowledge of school rules is required. It is particularly suitable for competitions for teachers, competitions for school principals, DSGA, technical directors and also staff of the Ministry of Education. The volume summarizes the main topics of the school legislation. After a history of Italian school systems, the book by Alessandro Signorino Gelo and Elisa Camera analyzes all the relevant aspects of school legislation (education and training system, didactic systems, regulatory protection of special educational needs, autonomy of educational institutions, the legal and contractual profile of teachers, the national evaluation system, the regulation of school life, aspects related to job security and privacy in the education sector). Particular attention is paid to musical education in the first and second cycles of education, to musical institutions and to Higher Musical Art Education (AFAM). And it is no coincidence that due to the passion, DNA, study and preparation of my friend Alessandro was able to rediscover and complete his studies at the Conservatory after completing in foreign languages ​​and literature in Palermo, the job of translator in the General Secretariat of the European Parliament in Luxembourg, cooperation with European universities, marriage, education in Piedmont.

A teacher, a man, an artist, follow, read, listen, applaud. At the age of 52, in 2019, Alessandro amazed and moved me, resuming his piano career, which was interrupted in adolescence, and, as a no longer young student, completed the two-year specialist at the Conservatory (“A Lifelong Dream . I have! “).

Today, it amazes me once again use his other skills and experience related to knowledge, education with normal seriousness, make it available to everyone. You never stop learning! When I tell Alessandro that he never gets tired of studying, studying, taking new paths, new challenges, he answers dryly: “What else should I do?”.

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