what to show. Calculate position in the ranking and preferences

Candidates included in the first support bracket GPS can participate in the extraordinary recruitment procedure to be appointed to the role. Application submission and assignment assignment.


According to Article 5-ter of Legislative Decree No. 228/2021, converted into law no. 15/2022, which updated the provisions of last year by Legislative Decree no. 73/2021, converted into law no. 106/2021, hire from GPS Support first band as 2022/23:

  • they will be carried out only if there are remaining support positions from the ordinary entries and the role of GaE and GM and from the Quick Call, except for the places determined for the normal 2020 competition (childhood / primary and secondary), whose Rankings are not yet available;
  • they will take place first for a fixed period (in the academic year 2022/23) and then for an indefinite period, after having passed the annual course of initial training and tests and the disciplinary test.



Interested applicants who are included in the first bracket of the GPS support to participate in the procedure, submit a specific request, through online instances, as we also read in the note on substitutes as 202/23. The question is the same as to participate in the allocation of substitutes from GaE and GPS on 30/06 and 31/08: the system will first request the tasks aimed at the role , and then treat those for the substitutes.


Those Request can happen from 9.00 am on 2 August to 2.00 pm on 16 August 2022. Notice


In the online application, ie in the section of the same dedicated to the procedure in question, applicants:

  • they express their willingness to participate in the procedure;
  • they confirm, in the specific section of the application, the ownership of the props;
  • express the preferences regarding the schools, municipalities and districts in which they intend to receive the assignment (in the case of the indication of synthetic preferences, the order of preference of the educational institutions and the municipality or district based on the increase of the alphanumeric code of the mechanographic code).

Where is it

The application must be submitted exclusively for the province in which the applicant is registered in the first bracket of the Support GPS.

How to enter preferences. GUIDE TO PICTURES

NB Specialized Tfa support, can join both role and substitutes: 150 + 150 preferences

task task

For the purpose of the instruction, the USRs:

  • via the information system the number of places available in each school, broken down by type of support place; The places available
  • after the verification of the applications, they assign the candidates to the individual schools, through an automated procedure, based on the position in the ranking of each in the order of the types of support posts and preferences expressed.

Acceptance of assignment

The acceptance of the task is “automatic”, in the sense that the assignment of one of the offices expressed in the application implies the acceptance of the same. This is because the procedure is computerized, so the will is expressed upstream, that is, during the compilation of the application.

The assignment of the assignment, with the consequent acceptance of the same, prevents the possibility of participating in the assignment of substitute players for any class of competition or type of place.

Regarding the relinquishment of the assignment, the relinquishment of certain offices and the failure of the application, read “GPS Support 2022/23 recruitment, relinquishment of assignment: consequences. Is it possible to participate in the substitutes?”.

Extraordinary hire 2022/23, from GPS support: application, assignment, trial year, interview and entry into the role. All the info

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