What is double pension and how could it work in 2023?

Several political parties are also inclined to support Tridico’s hypothesis of a two-stage pension, but let’s try to understand what it is.

The pension reform is currently at a standstill. The government crisis requires the installation of the new executive to resume the reforms that are in the pipeline. And so we have to wait after the elections in September with the formation of the new government to have more precise news.

What seems likely at the moment is that any decision on a possible revision of the Fornero law and on the introduction of new flexible measures will be postponed to next year. More calm to make such an important decision.

What is feared is that 2022 could end with a stalemate that will inevitably lead to a return to the Fornero law, which can only be reduced by a new extension of the social ape and the women’s option. The many.

2-stroke board of Tridico

But there is a lot of talk, especially now that several political parties have married her, about Pasquale Tridico’s proposal to retire at 63 or 64 years old. This is the two-stage pension that the INPS president proposed a few months ago.

The primary need of the executive is to allow flexible pensions without affecting the public treasury too much. In fact, there are no funds to support such expensive measures as the 100 share. the advance.

Tridico’s proposition is the “the possibility to retire at the age of 63/64, only the accrual of the pension calculated with the contribution until the age for the old-age pension is reached, i.e. 67 years“. At the age of 67, it would then be the second part of the pension, which is calculated with the salary system, which is added to the one already received.

This does not appeal to the unions, which penalize the measure, especially for those who have paid a lot of contributions to the salary system. But after all, it would be a measure that is voluntarily accessible, and the decision would be left to the workers themselves, who actually understand what suits them the most. And where they are unemployed or too tired, a part of the pension is better than nothing. Note that the ordinary advance payment and the age measure will also remain in force.

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