What happens if the child does not live with the parents?

With an important statement, the INPS dictates the operating instructions regarding the childcare allowance for the adult child, where he or she does not live with his or her parents.

The subsidy, we recall, made its debut around March 2022 and replaces a number of benefits, such as child benefit and family allowance for children.

The only permission is for dependent children, ie those who are part of the family unit for ISEE purposes. In detail, the service competes for:

  • any dependent child of minor Alter
  • for each child adult sounded up to 21 yearsprovided that one of the following conditions is met for the child himself:
    • Participation in a school or vocational training or a final course
    • do an internship or a job and have a total income of less than 8,000 euros per year
    • Registration as unemployed and jobseeker in public employment services
    • to carry out the Universal Civil Service
  • for all dependent disabled childwithout age limits.

Single child allowance of 18 years

The only check is not automatic. To have it, you have to present Ufro an INPS. As for the share of the benefit that the adult child can reach up to 21 years, the request can be made:

  • by the parent (in this case, the amount is paid to the parent)
  • or by the child himself (in this case, the part of the allowance is paid directly to the child).

In this respect, the INPS has important explanations in Circular no. 1714 of 20 April 2022.

The case of the non-cohabiting child

In the same document of practice the case of unrelated child with parents.

In this case it is stated that:

the child can in any case be part of the core of his parents to which he is “attracted”.

This happens when the child:

  • are under 26 years of age
  • is borne by the parents for IRPEF purposes (therefore, in the second calendar year before, the total gross income of the child should not exceed 4,000 Euros)
  • is not married in the tour and / or has children of his own.

In case the parents belong different familiesthe adult child, who does not live together, belongs to the core of one of the two parents he has chosen himself.

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