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The INPS continues to pay the single allowance for dependent children on a regular and monthly basis. The benefit that replaced the old family allowances that were paid in salaries.

The single check, on the other hand, is paid directly to the parents (by crediting the IBAN or by domiciled bank transfer). His debut took place in March 2022. Payment is only upon request. Payment is monthly and runs from March to February of the following year.

However, it is useful to remember that the only allowance is to pay dependent children, that is, those who are part of the family unit for ISEE purposes. In detail, the service in question competes for:

  • any dependent child of minor Age
  • for each child adult dependent up to the age of 21, provided that one of the following conditions is met for the child himself:
    • Participation in a school or vocational training or a graduation course
    • do an internship or a job and have a total income of less than 8,000 euros per year
    • Registration as unemployed and jobseeker with the public employment services
    • to carry out the universal civil service
  • for all disabled child dependent, without age limits.

But be careful when asking the question. For example, for 2022, if the only check request was made in the months of January and February, the payment will start from March 2022. Month after the application without losing the retreat of March. Finally, for applications made after June 30, 2022, the single check expires the month after the application and the balances are lost.

The mother bonus single check, to whom it belongs

The amount of the single check depends on the value ISEE of the family unit. They range from a maximum of 175 euros for each minor child with an ISEE up to 15,000 euros, to a minimum of 50 euros for each minor child in the absence of an ISEE or with an ISEE equal to or more than 40,000 euros.

However, details are provided Surcharge depending on the specific situation. For example, supplements are applied in the case of the presence of disabled children or even in the presence of a minor child with both parents submitting the right to income at the time of application or in the presence of four or more children.

Then there is the little one single check mom bonus. It is an increase of 20 euros more per month which applies to mothers under 21 years of age.

Therefore, if, for example, without the mother’s bonus the amount of the allowance is 175 euros per month, where the request is made by a mother under the age of 21, the amount rises to 195 euros per month for each son.

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