What does the National Plan for School Cinema represent?

n. of Laws 220, of 14 November 2016, on the Arts, with “Discipline of Cinema and Audiovisual”. 27 Section 1 Letter i) provides that the Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, supports the improvement of cinematographic skills, as well as literacy in the arts, techniques and means for the production and dissemination of the image, and Educational institutes of all kinds.

In August 2021, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture signed a Memorandum of Understanding to ensure the design and implementation of didactic-didactic tools and initiatives to raise awareness and education of students through the language. cinematographic and audiovisual, based on the said law.

Therefore, we offer useful explanations so that educational institutions can take advantage of this opportunity.

The objectives of the national plan.

The National Cinema and Pictures for the School Plan, now in its third edition, aims to support initiatives aimed at developing and enhancing critical knowledge in the conscious use of the media, as well as skills in the film and audiovisual sector (history, techniques, Professions, languages, formats, and so on), refers to all stages of the supply chain (writing, development, production, post-production, dissemination, promotion and distribution) and to all types of media.

The platform.

The Ministry of Education has created www.cinemaperlascuola.it, a special platform for the world of cinema and audiovisual in schools. Opportunities, calls for proposals, didactic material, audiovisual material, didactic objects, training courses and any other useful tool to start visual education courses in school will all be available here.

Allocated financial resources.

According to Art. 5 of the Ministerial Decree of 22 April 2020, Art. 5 of the Ministerial Decree of 3 February 2021 and of Art. 5 of the Ministerial Decree of 3 February 2021. The financial resources for the payment of the contributions referred to in this announcement are equal to 4 million euros, in accordance with Article 5 of the Ministerial Decree of 4 February 2022, with the ” Allocation of the Fund for Development of Cinema and Audiovisual Investment “for the years 2020, 2021 and 2022, in the annual national plan between the Ministries of Education and Culture.

What activities can be carried out?

The National Film and Image Plan for Schools consists of the following components:

The project “Operators of visual education in schools”.

The Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education both support the project, which aims to update some teachers from state educational institutes from a professional point of view. The Leonardo da Vinci Institute for Higher Education in Florence, in collaboration with the above-mentioned ministries, is the implementing body.

The following are the main objectives of the project, which are based on the general purpose:

a) Consolidate and update the skills of 2 (two) teachers in the service of all state educational institutes in the national territory in the field of visual education, also in accordance with the latest regulatory and procedural changes, for a total of about 16,000 units they are capable of to use what they have learned with their students by offering classroom training.

If you are looking for something to enhance the active role of teachers in identifying specific needs, sharing operational experiences and developing organizational, process and technological solutions that are consistent with the identified needs, for the To make children more aware of the importance and power of the audiovisual world.

News for the year 2022/2023.

The 2022/2023 plan, which is divided into three macro-intervention areas, provides for significant updates and improvements.

Line A: Film and audiovisual language as an object in educational and training instrument:

• Workshops, audiovisual production and schooling and literacy projects

• Operators of school visual training (teacher training and design guidance);

Line B – Cinema and audiovisual at school:

• Educational training and public education projects of national and territorial importance, aimed at the school world and proposed by qualified bodies;

Line C – Actions of the transverse system:

• Communication plan, national holiday;

• www.cinemаperlаscuolа.it, a technology platform and publication;

• Technical assistance and monitoring.

• Institutional activities.

The provisional total budget available for the academic year 2022/2023 is $ 54 million, which comes from resources already allocated by the Decrees for the award of the Cinema and Audiovisual Act for the years 2020 and 2021 , as well as additional resources allocated by the Ministry of Culture by decree for the year 2022.

The note for schools “Film and audiovisual language as an object and instrument of education and training”, dedicated to state and equal educational institutes at all levels, was issued as part of the initiatives provided for in the above-mentioned national plan. Applications can be submitted from March 14, 2022, until May 13, 2022, 12:00 noon.

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