WeWorld and San Zeno Foundation together against early school leaving (29/07/2022)

“Our society still too often leaves boys and girls behind, without guaranteeing them equal opportunities and quality education. This happens above all in the most problematic districts of big cities, from north to south with the most worrying peaks in the south. The issue of education must be central in the districts where abandonment, dispersion and social fragility prevail”. This is the comment of Marco Chiesara, President of WeWorldan organization committed for 50 years to guaranteeing the rights of women, girls and boys in 25 countries around the world, including Italy, at the end of the school year and the final exams.

In a complex year like the past one, marked by the uncertainties of the pandemic, which once again weighed heavily on schools, female students and students, the organization went down next to the youngest to support them in their studies. Frequency200, WeWorld’s national program to combat early school leaving, created with the aim of promoting the inclusion and well-being of youth living in risk contexts. It also did this through the support of the San Zeno Foundation, which supported the implementation of various activities in various Italian territories at risk – Rome (San Basilio district), Aversa, Milan (Barona district), Catania (S. Cristoforo district), Cagliari. (Sant’Elia district), Turin (Barriera di Milano district), Frattamaggiore (northern suburbs of Naples), Avezzano and Ventimiglia – allowing the participation of over 6,000 people, including students, students, parents, teachers and the educational community in general.

All the activities implemented during the year aimed to combat early graduation through an educational model based on inclusive practices to guarantee the right to study and education. Some examples are school and psychological support,Guidance for the choice of post-school training courses and non-formal education workshops such as the one organized in Aversa, where art, comics and photography workshops were offered, the one in Rome, where boys and girls learned to play chess or the guitar or the one in Catania where the boys learned circus arts .

“What we have done for years throughout Italy is a work that requires resources and, above all, a long-term planning capable of first generating change and then consolidating it in the community – continues Marco Chiesara – In this context, Synergies like those with the San Zeno Foundation prove valuable and essential to achieve results. We are pleased with the work done together, which has allowed us to support thousands of boys and girls, from north to south.

In fact, the actions aim to strengthen the skills of young people, especially the most vulnerable, by supporting them and improving their skills in the critical passage between the first and second year of high school, considering the moment in which the highest dropout rate occurs . .

An action of proximity, of participation “To make teachers, students and families feel part of a community,” explains Rita Ruffoli, director of the San Zeno Foundation. “Because only if they feel at the center and the protagonists can they transform the school into a place of well-being, instead of learning. Frequency200 represents one of the largest national experiences in the prevention and combating of early school leaving .Feeling welcomed and listened to, promoting cultures, educational practices and inclusive public policies, of what is most important: listening to needs.

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