Welcome children and adolescents and Ukrainians to school: strategies and activities in two free webinars

There are Karina In the Vitalik, 6 and 9 years old, fled from a village about a hundred kilometers from Kyiv. Then Maiia and Martin9 year old Twin, among the first to arrive in Italy to escape the horrors of the war in Ukraine. These days, her mother joins the class for the two siblings’ classes. Instead, she arrived in Brescia Evelinawho in a few days already started learning Italian with his new schoolmates.

These are just some of the first stories of welcoming children who fled the war in Ukraine and arrived in our schools. There are almost 15 thousand Ukrainian children already enrolled in our schools, especially between 3 and 13 years old.
To facilitate their insertion and support teachers, Tuttoscuola, in collaboration with Save the Children has plans two free webinars for Wednesday, April 20th at 5pm and Thursday, April 28th at 5:30 pm with the title: “Welcome to school! Reception strategies, tools and activities “.

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April 20 Webinar

Many schools are facing the introduction of Ukrainian children and young people fleeing the war.

In this delicate situation the role of the teacher in the peer group are fundamental: the webinar on April 20th at 5pm proposed Advice and activities to better organize the welcome and mutual knowledgefrom an inclusive and participatory point of view; it also offers strategies to support the well-being of teachers themselves in this new emergency phase.

The speaker of the webinar on April 20th

School Manager, Save the Children Italy

Psycho-Social Area Coordinator, Save the Children Italy

Moderate Simone deliveredTraining Coordinator of All-School

April 28 Webinar

In our schools, more and more different languages ​​and cultures coexist: in this multicultural context, it is fundamental promote meeting and dialogue on a daily basis, educate for interculturality and guarantee everyone the acquisition of communicative skills in Italian suitable for full school and social inclusion.

The Webinar on April 28th at 5:30 p.m. has the goal of Share strategies, tools and business models inspired by the CLIO method developed by Save the Children which can be used by teachers to facilitate the learning of Italian as an L2 in the classroom.

The speaker of the webinar on April 28th

School contact for inclusion actions, save children Italy

Coach and teacher of L2, Save the Children Italy

Moderate Simone deliveredTraining Coordinator of All-School

Attention: regardless of the registration period for the webinar, only the first 1000 users who sign up will be able to access the live broadcasts on April 20th and 28th.

However, Tuttoscuola will send the link for the registration of webinars to all subscribers.
A strong demand for participation is to be expected.
If you are not able to connect well in advance, we suggest you to wait for the registration by email, which we will send shortly after the webinar. You can watch it whenever you want.

Can’t attend the live broadcasts on April 20th and 28th? No problem: the next day, as long as you sign up, you will receive an email with the link to review the webinar when and how often you want.


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