Webaccademia Monitor Touch Course: the new certification for teachers in accordance with Pnrr measures

The new certification that offers teachers the skills and tools to use touch monitors, interactive digital monitors for teachers, used in classrooms that replace absolute glue technology. The course, recognized by Miur, presents scores for the teachers’ rankings.

The school world is at the center of the revolution envisaged by the Pnrr – the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. The program of interventions for education, Futura – The School for Italy of tomorrow, consists of 6 reforms and 11 investment lines for a total of 17.59 billion euros.

In line with the goal of re-launching the post-Covid national economy, the PNRR recognizes the school and its educational mission a strategic role for the growth of the country. For this reason, the goal of the Futura program is to promote an innovative, sustainable, safe and inclusive school.

Among the investment plans, the structural one is fundamental to ensure that the various institutes can equip themselves with state-of-the-art tools and apparatus.

With the Digital Board (Note 28966/21 and EU Regulation 2020/2221), schools are in fact making a real transition into the digital world, transforming their classrooms into “innovative, connected and digital learning environments” by equipping them with interactive digital monitors . Suitable for teaching: Touch monitors.

Schools are replacing Lim’s old technology with touch monitors, devices that enable school inclusion while guaranteeing more user-friendliness and interactivity of lessons and educational content.

Teachers can not be left behind: they are required to update themselves and acquire the necessary skills to use interactive digital monitors.

Touch Monitor: the new digital certification

The first in Italy to interrupt the ongoing revolution is the Academy, a body specializing in the provision of courses and certifications recognized by the MIUR for the training of ATA teachers and staff.

Accademia, in fact, is delivering the new Monitor Touch course aimed at giving teachers and aspiring teachers the knowledge that is appropriate for the use of interactive digital monitors (Monitor Touch) for educational use.

The course, equipped with a SOFIA ID code and recognized by MIUR, is divided into engaging lessons: using the touch monitor; the differences between the new technology and the IWB; to teachers in the age of digital innovation; Indications regarding learning environment and the design of UDAs (Didactic Learning Units).

In particular the program of the pedagogical path:

  • Introduction to the Monitor Touch Course
  • Digital Innovation
  • Learning in the digital age
  • Difference between Touch Monitor and Lim
  • Touch Monitor Technical Sheet
  • Stages of learning
  • From teaching for skills to UDA
  • The Teacher Education Unit (UDA)
  • Didactic learning unit with touch monitors
  • How to design a Learning Didactic Unit (UDA)
  • Insights into UDAs

In addition, the academy has updated the entire pedagogical proposal regarding IT certifications to the NRP’s new measures on digital innovation.

Teachers will be able to equip themselves with cutting-edge knowledge and will be able to contribute and participate in the digital revolution.

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