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of Ernesto Olivero

Following Sermig’s extraordinary commitment to Ukraine, the new goal: “We must help everyone understand that the real enemy is hatred”

Dear friend, In the first weeks of March 2022, the Arsenal della Pace was “invaded” by an impressive river of goodness and generosity to which many citizens, families, associations, schools, parishes, companies, local institutions from all over Italy . was born. Indignation and suspicion shook the conscience, generating a wonderful response of solidarity in response to the violence of an unfortunate war. The outstretched, unarmed hands of all these people of good will reconcile with the sense of humanity, save the soul of the world. Over three hundred thousand people have so far brought more than fifteen hundred tons of aid. A big confirmation of the name given by the city of Turin in 2008: “Turin City of the Arsenal of Peace”.

These gestures “from below” express an extraordinary desire for peace, which also sends an important message to the greatness of the earth. This is the peace we believe in, the peace that Giorgio La Pira, Mayor of Florence and great man of dialogue, made known to us, quotes the Prophet Isaiah: a time in which weapons and tools are transformed into Peoples no longer practice the art of war. It has become our dream to make the concrete choice of all of us who have lived the adventure of transforming Turin’s old military arsenal into the arsenal of peace.

War is never the solution! We understand this by helping many countries in the war, now Ukraine. I often say that guns kill seven times.

The first is when they are designed, because they subtract resources from research, from school, from life.

The second is because they are used to build intelligence that can devote itself to development in the scientific, technological, environmental and medical fields.

The third is to kill guns without looking anyone in the face, destroying millions of people and forcing their loved ones to leave their homes and their lands …

The fourth well used creates the conditions for revenge.

The fifth is the most tragic, because in a war, high-ranking soldiers and civilians do all the evil to their victims.

The sixth wants victims and infidels to bear the unbearable memory of the horrors suffered and committed, until even taking their own lives.

The seventh because the war leaves a trail of resentment and hatred that prolongs its harmful effects.

Not all the negative consequences of the war are here: I am thinking in particular of child soldiers, enlisted to fight, forced to kill to prove their strength, I am thinking of whole generations of children and young people who know in the precious years of their growth only war, and they will bear the deep wounds forever. One of them, who experienced the tragedy of the war in the former Yugoslavia as a child, recently wrote: “War only brings victims and the first victim is the truth”.

Precisely for these reasons, we will never get used to the war and we will continue to fight to fight against it, we will continue to work for peace and seek with all our might.

True peace is a fact that comes from the works of justice. It is a world that welcomes every man and woman of every origin and religion because everyone has the right to food, home, work, care, dignity, education.

It is a world in which young people and adults are ready to make their honesty the key to building the common good. It is the understanding that the good that I can do, I can do no one else, because it is the part of the good that falls on me, it is my responsibility.

This mentality has become our compass and has slowly but surely embraced millions of people who have made time, money, professionalism available to wipe away a tear, to support the weak, to train the young without asking for anything in return.

Now we ask the governments and educational institutes of all levels that there is also an educational priority by guiding school education, from childhood to university. Shaped and growing peace means, from an early age, becoming responsible citizens and educators of the dialogue and dignity of every person.

Our conscience asks us to knock on the door of international organizations, born of the pursuit of the peace of the peoples, to guarantee more and more concretely and without reservation the dignity and fundamental rights of every human being, the minorities respect and protect and promote equality, ban use. of weapons, have the authority and moral recognition to stop wars and increase injustices through diplomacy and where necessary through peacekeeping missions.

A concrete commitment that helps everyone understand that the real enemy is hatred and that our future is being defended with peace.

When this mentality finds its way into the hearts of many, the world can truly change. It is the hope that is born even in the face of the darkest tragedy, the hope that leads us in the face of people in difficulty, to always say, “Brother, sister, what can I do for you?”.

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