‘We must all make sure to listen’

In the last hours you have Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi spoke publicly about the protests of Students, occurs in the places of the main Italian cities, concerning thein turn School– Work el‘Final exam.

The owner of the dicastery in Viale Trastevere spoke in a letter to the Repubblica newspaper, stating: the children suffered in a special way. ” .

Training internship in companies

In response to the students’ concerns after the tragedy Accident to Udinewhere the young Lorenzo Parelli, during a firm career, suffered a fatal accident, the Minister announces the formation of a Security working group.

The group, organized with the Minister of Labor Orlandowill have the task of observing all carefully Circumstances an den Working conditions which students face during school training. Like this Training courses contribute to itSchool performance of children in school, as well as businesses, has the responsibility of Protection and of Security.

State Exam

In response to Student protests focus on second written testplanned forCompletion exam, White completely explains Exam Tester. “We have been thinking for a long time about the modalities of the exam,” reassured the minister, who in addition to the seven tracks for the first test of Italian, a wider range than the previous tests, announced the controversy. second proof of address.

The second test is chosen by Local Commission Exams in which there are six teachers Teachers of the class. The aim is to guarantee children Continuity food i Programs executed and with you Level reached by the class. The written tests are then given by one personalized oral exam on deem de Minister he does not include any other indications in the letter but states that neither invalsi evidence nor Pcto (Paths for transversal skills and orientation and force since 2018 Job placement) will be requirements for access to the exam.

The meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 8th

The date of next tuesday February 8 is on the agenda of Minister Bianchi such as the day of the meeting with female students and students of the Consult.

With the intention of engaging in a respectful discussion, Patrizio Bianchi emphasizes how much you Pandemic has aggravated the important and the malaise of the students vis-à-vis the topics discussed: “I would like to talk to them about much more”, declares the Minister, who says: “Now we can, thanks to vaccinations, look to the future with more calmit is time to bring our energies together. “

The structural reforms of the school

In this context, you are Minister Bianchi announced six major reforms which imposes on the Ministry and covers the various sectors: ITS, technical and vocational training, guidance, recruitment and training of teachers, the number and size of schools, a high school training school for school staff and investment in The infrastructure.

Closing of the letter White emphasizes: “The school is the center of our Democracy. Together we must imagine building a new one in time, without inequalities, able to take our children by the hand and guide them into their future. ”


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