We as a generator of art and biodiversity of the Gulf of Naples at the center of two debates

Fishing and processing of corals and chamois, importance of craftsmanship and entrepreneurship, the art of processing as a resource for the new generations. These are the topics at the center of the conference “The Sea Generates Art”, scheduled for Thursday 12 May at 10 am at the Francesco Degni Artistic High School in Piazza Luigi Palomba. The Round Table is part of the activities related to the first edition of the “Chi tene ‘o mare-Festival del mare del Miglio d’oro”, an event organized by La Bazzarra with the funding of the Campania Region-Flag Litorale Miglio the oro and cooperation of the municipalities of Portici, Ercolano, Torre del Greco and Torre Annunziata.

The greeting of teacher Benedetta Rostan opened the debate; by Mayor Giovanni Palomba; the Councilor for Culture and Public Education Enrico Pensati; Advisor to the Sea Resource, Problems of Seafarers and Fisheries Annarita Ottaviano; by Vice President of Campania Regional Council Loredana Raia.

The following will intervene, moderated by Mariella Romano, the artistic director of the ‘Chi tene’ o mare-Festival del mare del Miglio d’Oro, Gigi Di Luca; the art historian Caterina Ascione; the engraver Aniello Pernice; the head of the Stecca incubator , Giuliana Esposito; the Deputy Vice President of the Assocoral, Ciro Condito; the President of the Il Tarì Goldsmith Center, Vincenzo Giannotti; planned at the Degni Artistic High School – underlines Gigi Di Luca – historical reference point for the education of young artists and engravers, is an important moment to focus attention on a prerogative that made the city of Torre del Greco famous and the world, thanks to the skill of his engravings and the foresight of various entrepreneurs. Talking to young people about the union between sea and art, between beauty and uniqueness is a fundamental aspect that falls not only in the prerogative of our project, which has concentrated many activities in schools, but which forms the basis of their School education is. .

The conference on May 12 will take place before Thursday 19 of seven days, this time at the Quinto Orazio Flacco Lycée in Portici (starting 10) entitled “Gulf of Naples: a Tribe of Biodiversity”, when the details are put at the center . of the debate geomorphological feature of the Gulf and the key role of ecosystem services for the economy. Moderated by Salvatore Perillo, School Director Iolanda Giovidelli and Environment and Urban Quality Advisor Maurizio Minichino will bring greetings. This will be followed by speeches by Valerio Zupo, Researcher at the Department of Marine Biotechnology at the Anton Dohrn Zoological Station; Vittorio Giovannone, Commander of the Port Authority of Torre del Greco; Vincenzo Strazzulli, President of the Enrico De Nicola Forensic Association; Luigi Mennella, Vice President Gori; Agostino Balzano, President of the Delphino Association.

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