“We are without staff”, the start of the summer season is in danger

CAORLE – So by Federalberghi Caorle: “We lack staff”. It is not only the expensive bills that cost the hotels in Caorle about 1 million and 440 thousand euros more than last year, that the operators of Federalberghi Caorle worry about. To endanger the start of the tourist season In fact, there is also the difficulty of finding workers to place in hotels.

A little less than two months before Easter, hoteliers can count on the finger of a hand that, already in view of the start of the tourist season, has already filled all the boxes of its team. And this is happening in a particular economic situation, in which unemployment, particularly among young people, remains high. A difficult to understand paradox that arose with the pandemic. “For several years we have been receiving continuous requests for recruitment, now – explains Federalberghi Caorle President Kay Turchetto – we find ourselves in a position to pursue potential employees and compete between operators to reach the workforce.” Federalberghi Caorle has questioned this issue and is trying to come up with proposals that facilitate a solution.

“The aim – further Turchetto – is to make work attractive in our facilities. By reducing labor costs for businesses, they could offer higher wages, thereby attracting a workforce that again identifies a secure source of income in tourism. It is time to rethink an active policy to support the labor market: we hope that by the end of the emergency associated with Covid, resources hitherto allocated for the provision of bonuses and contributions will be diverted to a serious policy. We need a cultural revolution that must begin with school education: investment must be made in hotel schools so that they are ever more efficient and able to attract young people who work in this sector. want to create a position that offers great satisfaction in terms of human growth., professionally and economically “. The president of the association recalled that the hoteliers are engaged with great courage in renovating and remodeling their structures.

“These investments are not enough, but they do not go hand in hand with the formation of an efficient and qualified team of collaborators. It is precisely the collaborators – he concluded – who make the difference and allow our facilities of the guests Education in the tourism sector needs to be encouraged. As operators, we have a duty to encourage younger people to improve their commitment to our facilities. sometimes brings with it: this allows us to retain the workforce to fit into our teams, a fundamental step especially from the point of view of those who want to try to seasonally adjust their business ”.
In the next few weeks, Federalberghi Caorle will be organizing an event dedicated to hospitality entrepreneurship, staff research and selection.


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