We also need a report card for the magistrates

Reporting only seems to be outdated in school. And maybe in justice. Nowadays, in every professional activity – public or private – an evaluation of performance is not only necessary, but sometimes not even sufficient to fully describe the “merit” and therefore to influence the remuneration and considerations of employment and training. .

“Performance file” of the judges

We suspect that the (Italian) school had the evaluation. And looking at the performances that put us more and more often at the bottom of the rankings of the best training institutes (school or university), we also understood why. Now even the (Italian) judiciary shows intolerance to the only hypothesis of to set up a “performance record” for judges. Let’s say justice, because the Anm, the national association of magistrates, has not lost time in pursuing the ruling of the Democratic Party (or was it the other way around?) What the initiative considers to be an “unreasonable approach” .

Reward merits

The proposal of Enrico Costa of action, adopted by Minister Cartabia struggles with the reform of the CSM, it seems to most people a quiet adaptation to the practice is widespread in all countries and in all professional activities. Is the magistrate not a professional? True. But his career must adapt to the methods that govern all professions, including those practiced in the public administration. When the “merit” was discovered as an indispensable beacon in any reform process by the Pa – Brunetta docet, but it is not only the opinion of an authoritarian minister, but of a feeling signed and promoted by the whole government with its super parliamentary majority – it would be interesting if there were no criteria also for those who exercise their mandate in the civil service, including magistrates.

Actions promoted, penalties received, arrests ordered, length of proceedings, everything related to the magistrate’s duties must be included in the personal file and verified. Good thing, pity that this is not already the case, we might have avoided incomprehensible and perhaps undeserved careers in the judiciary. And maybe we should have written a little less pain in it evil justice that complains about useless and illegal liabilities, Times of incongruous judgments in every civilized country, sentences unhinged and contradictory in the course of the trial degree. It would also be in the interests of the judiciary itself to count on a verifiable and visible leap in credibility.

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