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BRUSSELS – “It is time to turn our common vision into reality. It’s time to get up and run. “Si sot esou President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen in his closing remarks at the EU-Africa Summit. “On the European side,” he explained, “the Global Gateway is responding to this. Never before has Europe had a global investment strategy, and never before have we presented such a broad and ambitious package with Africa. We will work together from tomorrow to strategically projects. Projects with a transformative impact “.

Von der Leyen stated that he had proposed “to be Prioritize “on actions on” infrastructures, with particular emphasis on energy, digital interconnection and transport “.” In the field of education – explains the President of the European Commission – the emphasis is on the technical vocation and on education and training. Youth entrepreneurship. “Young Africans want to shape their future in their continent.”

“We give them the skills they are looking for in the industries and services. We support young entrepreneurs financially and technically who start start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses. That will be our goal.” “In the field of health, the focus is on vaccine supply and distribution and on local vaccine production capacity in Africa. The motto is: mRNA technology for the continent. Not to forget the strengthening of health systems.”

“We are achieving our goal of at least 450 million doses by the end of the year – explains von der Leyen.” constructive discussion on compulsory licenses and travel exceptions. We have decided that the EU Commission and those of the African Union will meet in the spring to discuss this issue, and until then we must find a solution. ”

“Some of the results of this summit are very disappointing. Fix points like you temporary waiver of vaccination patents they ask us why we are still arguing two years later, when the lives of the people are at stake. Are the lives of Africans really worth less than the impact of innovation and profitability of pharmaceutical companies? He points to it. Edwin Ikhuoria, Executive Director for Africa of the One Campaignthe movement co-founded by Bono of the U2.

“The EU has a few significant steps forward how to invest half of Global Gateway investments in Africa and recognize the importance of Africa’s production needs, strengthen health systems and invest in vaccine delivery. But these advances, though welcome, have not intercepted and understood the needs of the African population. The overall balance is disappointing, “said Ikhuoria.


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