Voice of Politics – 02/26/2022

In this difficult period, characterized by the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic that has marked our society so much in the last two years, the fixed point at which we have never moved the will, was repeatedly reaffirmed by President Bardi , to program and implement all conditions to overcome distance education and to guarantee the safety conditions in schools for our children and for all teachers and school staff. Councilor Francesco Cupparo said this when he spoke with President Bardi and Councilor Rosa at a conference sponsored by the Fdi in Matera.

The Board of Trustees took the opportunity to give some reflections on the activities carried out by the School Bureau, as a competency determination of its department, and in general on the vision of the School Board’s Education Department. Exactly to encourage the safe return to school activities of our children, he said – we have tried to make a great effort by raising in the post lockdown phase the so-called fund for the resumption of educational activities and safety for about 6 million Euro. Among the interventions we have guaranteed with the fund, in addition to materials and exceptional local cleaning services and personal protective and hygiene equipment for students and staff, thermal scanners, tampon kits, other and building sanitary interventions, we have also lightly funded construction interventions ( Space and classroom adjustments); extraordinary maintenance work on public buildings used for the school, the creation of new premises that can be used for teaching staff; Rental of buildings or spaces for use as classrooms or for the purchase, rental or leasing of temporary modular structures; Purchase of platforms and digital tools for distance learning; Classroom and room furniture used for common services and equipment for laboratories and gymnasiums; increase and improve the safety of canteens and school transport. This school year, he also achieved the good level of vaccinations in Basilicata among the school staff and the good adherence of our children to the vaccination campaign throughout the territory made it possible to avoid major problems. In this regard, I must acknowledge that the actions of the health authorities, on the advice and impulse of Councilor Leone, are yielding the positive results we have been hoping for.

The Board of Governors then summarized the most significant measures implemented by the Education Bureau, from the package of measures that increase the right to study and the quality of education of students. This is the Public Note contribution to Lucanian families with minors in the compulsory school for the purchase of computer goods and appliances “for a total amount of 3,785,525.90, under axis 8” Strengthening the education system “Action 10.10. 8.1 of the POR FESR Basilicata 2014-2014 2020; Thanks to the over 3100 families who received the contribution for the purchase of IT equipment. Again, the Public Note “The Talent Laboratory” – Contributions for the creation of “Dactic Laboratories” for Institutes State and equal schools of Basilicata School Year 2021/2022 for a total cost of 2 million Euros.With the announcement, said Cupparo – we wanted to promote the implementation of projects intended through the creation of educational workshops as places of animation, inclusion and enrichment of experience , activated by the schools.In addition, with the public opinion “The value of knowledge – Concession of scholarships for the deserving” we have the payment of a scholarship (respectively of 5 00 and 1,000 euros) provided for able and deserving students enrolled in the last year of the lower and upper secondary of the state and equal educational institutes in the school. Year 2020/21, whose families are in trouble. These are measures that will ensure that our boys and girls not only resume learning activities safely, but also with effective tools to enhance their education.

As far as vocational training and education (IeFP) and the strengthening of the Higher Technical Institute (ITS) are concerned, – he added – we are waiting for the allocation of resources from the PNRR implementation plan for our region and at the same time we will advance the processes already under way, in particular in the context of the ITS Foundation, established for the energy efficiency technological field, which is the last cycle of higher technical training for the management and verification of energy systems executed. Without forgetting the so-called ordinary activity, which concerns scholarships for our deserving students, contributions for the purchase of textbooks, contributions for the participation of university masters in Italy and abroad, for higher education courses, for improving the education of our students and them better prepare for the difficulties of getting into the world of work.

The Scholastic Office is working on updating the three-year plan for the dimension of educational institutions for the school year 2022/2023; the main proposals adopted by the technical panel for the province of Matera include: for the Liceo Tommaso Stigliani in Matera, activation of the Coreutico course; for the Pythagorean Institute of Higher Education in Montalbano, the activation of the Liceo Sportivo branch in the municipality of Scanzano Ionico; for the I Morra Institute for Higher Education in Matera, the Activation of Auxiliary Arts by Dental Technology Department; for the G. Pentasuglia Institute of Higher Education in Matera, activation of the specialization Medical Robotics; for the Higher Education Institute G. Pitagora di Policoro the activation of the evening course of mechanics, mechatronics and energy specialization; for the Felice Alderisio Institute of Higher Education in Stigliano, the activation of the evening course of specialization Mechanical Maintenance and Technical Assistance.

Among the actions already approved by the Regional Council, Cupparo said once again – c the implementation of the relevant school buildings for the plan for the safety and security of schools, taking into account the forecasts in the PNRR of about 10 million euros ; In fact, on 2 February, the Council approved an orientation act for the identification of the interventions included in the plan, and the opinions were forwarded to the communes and the two provinces. To further advance the funds of the PNRR, we continued to distribute, for interventions on school buildings with Resolution no. 707 of 3/9/2021 Economics of the BASU APQ, totaling 1,300,000.00, for 15 interventions for the adaptation and safety of school buildings included in the regional infrastructure heritage. During the resolution of 29.10.2021, n. 875, the Regional Council decided to redistribute the resources for the adaptation and security measures of the school infrastructure activities 800,000.00 Euros for the year 2022 and 6,028,750.00 for the year 2023.

Cupparo’s latest reflection: According to the latest national data, Lucanian companies expect to hire 7,370 new units in the region by next March, but the difficulty in finding qualified staff, reported by the companies, continues to grow. Lack of candidates is the main reason, followed by inadequate preparation and other reasons. We must keep in mind: the school as it is now is no longer guaranteed the professional profiles that businesses need. Hence the need, arising from various areas, of the Public Notice of young graduates in the company with incentives for companies with operational headquarters in Basilicata, which employ young graduates, for an open or partial term, with a position at a contractual level / Category corresponding to highly complex tasks requiring a university qualification. The total financial envelope of four million euros. The incentive consists of an employment bonus, which is paid to companies that employ our young graduates within a maximum of three years, and cover the total costs of the company, depending on the chosen aid plan, up to a maximum of 100 percent.


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