Vocational training course for Ospitality Tuscia Hall and Bar presented

Tarquinia – From 28 February to employees of tourism companies and students in hospitality classes

Presentation of the course

Presentation of the course “Ospitality Tuscia”.

Tarquinia – We get and publish – Improve the quality of hospitality and accommodation and restaurant facilities in the area, with all actors directly and indirectly interested in the tourism sector.

This is the aim of the professional training course for halls and bars “Ospitality Tuscia” organized by WeTarquinia and Confcommercio Lazio Nord, with the support of the Bilateral Tourism Agency of Lazio and in collaboration with the municipality of Tarquinia in the IISS “Vincenzo Cardarelli”, presented in Tarquinia, February 24, at the Villa Tirreno Hotel. Present were Lorenza Turilli, President of Confcommercio Lazio North Section of Tarquinia; Marzia Marzoli, of Confcommercio Terziario Fra in SIB Province Viterbo; Deputy Mayor of Tarquinia Luigi Serafini; the teacher of the IISS “Vincenzo Cardarelli” Laura Piroli.

“The organization of professional training courses is one of the strengths of our association – says Lorenza Turilli, President of the Confcommercio Lazio Nord section of Tarquinia. constant updating of skills and competencies is essential.What makes us proud is the high level of participation in both operators and students of the IISS “Vincenzo Cardarelli” and the ability to network and confcure moments of exchange and sharing with Confcommercio Lazio Nord create.

The collaboration with Lazio’s bilateral tourism agency will then continue with “Job Day”: a day entirely dedicated to supply and demand, planned for the month of March, giving the hospitality and catering facilities of Tarquinia the opportunity is, but not only, staff recruiting for the season. Finally, we would like to thank Chef Salvo Cravero for the valuable collaboration that has shaped and implemented the overall vision of the training course.

These two years of pandemic have taught us how important it is to invest in the training of professionals working in the tourism sector – highlights Marzia Marzoli, from Confcommercio Terziario donna in the SIB province of Viterbo – knowing how to adequately attract a tourist or visitor. “is welcome, to provide accurate information and to show competence and professionalism, are very important aspects for a territory with a tourist vocation like that of Tarquinia, which has to deal with a very competitive market”.

“Participating in the training of boys and girls working for next season will be an exciting moment – says restaurateur Daniela Coletta, one of WeTarquinia’s promoters. Like WeTarquinia, we will try this experience. of vocational training and cultural growth in the future as well. “

“Hospitality is a key factor for tourism and we are aware of the need to improve the quality standards of the overall offer of the structures and services that are present in our area, in order to make the destination of Tarquinia more attractive,” he said. Vice-Mayor Luigi Serafini -. For this reason, we have endorsed the proposals of WeTarquinia and Confcommercio Lazio Nord and we are pleased to support ourselves as a local government. recovering lost ground and restarting the sector “.

“We have accepted the invitation of WeTarquinia and Confcommercio Lazio Nord – explains the head of the IISS” Vincenzo Cardarelli “Laura Piroli – because we believe it is of fundamental importance to the Institute and close contact with all the realities of our territory “In fact, we want to offer students new forms and new training tools and encourage greater interconnection between the school world and work, in an area, tourism, which represents a significant voice of the Tarquin economy, with significant development potential for the future.”

The training and bar will take place in Tarquinia and will be led by professional hospitality teachers, bartenders, latte art, sommelier, oil tasters, hydro sommelier, food and beverage management, personnel management, interior design, management, mental trainers.

The courses start on February 28 and continue every Monday until March 21, with four days divided into macro areas: professional awareness, the importance of hospitality and welcome, cocktails not only as an aperitif, cellar management and proper food-wine pairing .

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February 24, 2022


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