Virtuous Schools IC Don Milani-Hall. International Multicultural Project. Read the detail

Virtuous Schools IC Don Milani-Hall. International Multicultural Project – Linguistic-cultural training stage

For the school year 2021/2022 the ‘IC’Don Milani SalaFrom Catanzaro joined the “AMCM INTERNATIONAL MULTIKULTURALITY PROJECT” and was named the LEADING SCHOOL OF THE PROVINCE OF CATANZARO.

The project is organized by the World Multi-Cultural Association (AMCM) in collaboration with the Link School of Languages ​​of Malta, recognized by the MIUR for training purposes in the School of English Helen Doron and is aimed at students of all school levels.

The objectives of the project are pursued:

promote active nationality;

develop multicultural learning;

Increase in the level of language proficiency (English language);

learn the English language in a real and authentic context;

learn about other cultures through meetings with foreign students

with respect for the other and for growing diversity.

The project has three phases

Teachers and school managers (September 2021)

Internship Cultural Language with Students (April 2022)

Dissemination of results and reporting (May 2022).

As for the first phase, two lecturers from the institute, prof. Carmine Iannibelli and the Ins. Concetta Passafaro, together with the teacher, prof Cinzia Emanuela De Luca, last September attended a training seminar on multicultural dialogue in the outdoor congress hall of the magnificent Giardino dei Gelsomini at the Excelsior Palace Hotel in the center of Taormina. During this meeting, which was attended by sociologists and international experts in multiculturalism, the Don Milani Sala Institute was named as the lead school of the project at the provincial level.

As for the second phase, the institute involved 45 pupils from the fifth grade of primary school and from the first, second and third grades of secondary school in a cultural language internship, which took place from 4 to 8 April 2022 in Sicily .

The students took part in workshops in English at the Helen Doron Institute in Messina and made cultural visits, accompanied by a guide who described the sites in English.

The students had the opportunity to visit

Umberto, Cathedral, Piazza IX April, Greek Theater, Villa

Communes and public gardens of Taormina, the fountain of Neptune, Vittorio Emanuele II theater, the more theater

capacious of all Sicily, Sanctuary of Christ the King and finally Piazza Duomo attraction

The capital of Messina, Giardini Naxos, Savoca, called the village of the village in one of the settings of the “godfather”, in the Silvestri craters of the volcano Etna.

The enthusiasm of the students who have not participated in the pedagogical and educational journeys for about two years and the parents, the reference teachers and the teachers were very satisfied with the success of the initiative.

“I am very happy to have participated in this internship and for that I thank the teacher and the teacher, because it allowed us to see so many beautiful things and to learn English. The English courses were great because we had them in a large room and it all felt like a game. The best lesson was the one that allowed us to repeat the alphabet with the parts of our body. “says Miriam, a fifth-grader.

“After two years of the pandemic, we all needed a breath of fresh air and the school was able to offer us this great opportunity. The stage in Taormina was a very nice but also very informative experience, surely we all learned to be more autonomous “But we also discovered new things and we enriched ourselves with a lot of information. All the staff involved were very friendly and helpful and I hope that the students who come after me will also experience as well as we can,” says d ‘Iris, who is in the third grade of high school.

The project comes to an end in May, with a personal seminar in Taormina, attended by multicultural experts and all the teachers and DS of the schools concerned to share, each from their own point of view, the experience that is just over and design others even more beautiful and committed for the next school year.

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