Vinovo, thanks to funds from the National Research Council, builds the Gramsci Middle School – Turin Haut

After the many problems of the recent past, with closures due to floods and various inconveniences, The municipality of Vinovo has decided to close the Gramsci middle school. Thank you 5 million euros in funds have come from the NRPSara built a new structurewith a decision similar to that ofAdministration of Nichelino with the primary school Rodari.

5 million from the Pnrr

The complex, located in the northern part of the city, at Via Stupinigi 155, today consists of two buildings that insist on a flat surface surrounded by a large green area: both are completely demolished and rebuilt for the same functions z ‘undertake to adapt the new building to the needs of the didactic management and the communal administration. The project for the new Gramsci was created to respond to the needs of the community, to contribute to an improvement in the quality of school life and learning processes in a more modern and appropriate environment for children.


The construction of the new school complex, which is used as a middle school, provides an opportunity to revisit an important part of the city that is in line with the school’s modern vision: design and construction of a school is a public event. Therefore, the overall goal of the construction of the new architectural artifact is to develop design proposals that are able to create functional, morphological and environmental connections that are able to open up the school area and the community by outlining a building that is representative, functional and recognizable.

Modern building

The internal space is configured as a narrative band of the dynamics of a contemporary school, a color vortex that “actively” configures the connecting spaces and young students, teachers and visitors in the spatial episodes of a building intended for teachers, leads training of pre-adolescent students. The aim of the project is to create a planimetric organization that meets both the needs of the contemporary school and the specifics of the place.

The basic idea is to ensure that the entrance area represents the core of the building in which the CONNECTIVE / ACTIVE converges, a relational space that interprets the values ​​conveyed, discovered and declined by the “Manifesto of the Educational Avant-gardes”. . the desire to reconnect the knowledge of the school with the knowledge of the knowledge society through the interoperable places of the school. This axis creates classrooms for special activities and the most intimate rooms for relaxation and individual study, informal rooms in which students can deviate from structured learning activities and find different opportunities to relax or have access to resources that are not necessarily connected. to be. School activities.

Guerrini: “A new school in step with the times”

The flexibility of the furnishing and the multifunctionality of the environment will allow increase the usage time thanks to the ability of the reconfiguration to perform different activities“Explains the mayor of Vinovo Gianfranco Guerrini. “All the facilities of the school building as well as the gymnasium must be built and equipped in such a way that they can be used by the disabled, as well as the facilities for the classrooms, the public, the sports activities, the Support to the public. Help and supplements“.

The mayor then added that the administration has already drawn up a project proposal that respects the city limits, which affects the area in relation to the identified buffer zones, agreed with the comprehensive institute, which can be reviewed. To ensure that the new Gramsci is a school for the presentation and future of Vinovo.

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