Vinitaly 2022: Young winegrowers and winegrowers grow, thanks to the Agricultural Institute of Italy

The future of oenology is built on knowledge and experience. Increasingly in education, such as those of the technical and agricultural institutions, the excellence in Italy, and in recent years, enrollment and interest are growing, with many young people looking to education with conviction, Lapse and of life in an increasingly modern agricultural and oenological world in step with the times, without forgetting the wisdom that has been passed down through the generations.
Young people who “were among the protagonists of Vinitaly 2022, those of the restart. We talked about them both as responsible consumers and paying attention to sustainability, as well as to the contribution that new generations of producers can make to the future of the sector. I’m happy to reward these guys today, because training plays an important role. Marco Centinaio, explained to Winenews, in the award-winning Oenological n. 6, organized by Crea and the Ministry of Agriculture, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, University and Research, which in Verona saw and awarded the best agricultural institutions in Italy on the wine front as protagonists.
The competition, which used the form “Union Internationale des Oenologues” for sensory analysis, saw the participation of 27 schools from all over Italy, from north to south, through the center, from 15 different regions, for a total of 64 wines to compete. A true testament not only to the growing interest and greater participation of the schools, but also to the increase in the quality standards of wines.
In addition to the competition, Crea and Renisa have launched “Idea Marketing”, in which schools are invited to present, in addition to wine, a marketing idea, or a video and / or other communication ideas (more innovative labels under the visual profile, the brightest marketing idea, the most effective video), which Venezia Doc Manzoni Bianco of the “GB Cerletti” Institute for Higher Secondary Education in Treviso awarded on the front page of the most original labels, Barbera d’Asti Docg First Day of School of the Institute of Higher Education “Penna” of Asti and Colli Aprutini Igt Pecorino Amata Peghea of ​​the Institute of Secondary Education “Di Poppa – Rozzi” of Teramo, and Campania Igp Aglianico Casarsa of the “Mattei Fortunato” Higher Education Institute, while the “Basile Caramia – Giant “Higher Secondary Education Institute of Locorotondo was awarded at the” Advertising “source, and among the” videos “the Technical Institute Ag rar” Emilio Sereni “of Rome, with a note z of merit, finally, for the Romagna Docg Albana Passito Ultimo Sogno of Itac “G. Scarabelli – L. Ghini “by Imola (pictured WineNews, students of the Institute of Higher Education” Bettino Ricasoli “of Siena, with her professor Alessandro Chiello, together with Riccardo Cotarella, n. 1 of the Italian oenologists, at the helm of Asenology and the Union Internationale des Oenologues, and Paolo Brogioni, Director of Asenology).

Focus – Wine Competition n. 6: the best wines from the Italian Agricultural Institute (with over 84/100 rating)
E. Mach Foundation – Agricultural Institute of San Michele all’Adige
Trentino Doc Riesling “Klouschter” 2020

Institute for Higher Education “Basile Caramia- Gigante”
Locorotondo Doc 2021
Valle d’Itria Igp Minutolo 2020

Institute for Higher Education “De Sanctis – D’Agostino”
Fiano di Avellino Docg 2020
Campania Igt Fiano Passitocampania Igt Fiano Passito Igt
Rosato Brut Quality Sekt Martinotti Method
Campania Igt Greco 2020

Institute for Higher Education “GB Cerletti”
Venezia Doc Manzoni White 2020

Institute for Higher Education “Ciuffelli – Einaudi”
Umbria Igt Bianco “Badessa Emilia” 2020

“Mattei Fortunato” Institute for Higher Education
Campania Igp Fiano “Montedoro” 2021

“Bettino Ricasoli” Institute for Higher Education
Chianti Colli Senesi Docg 2019

Institute for Higher Education “Celso Ulpiani”
Rosso Piceno Doc Organic Red 2019

Institute for Higher Education “Umberto I”
Barbera d’Alba Doc 2020

All-inclusive Institute “Ridolfi – Zimarino”
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Doc “Lucene” 2017

Professional Institute for Agricultural and Development Services “Profagri”
Hills of Salerno Igt Fiano “Capoclasse” 2021

Agricultural Engineering Institute “G. Schäfer”
Blanc de Blanc Classic Method “Bornata” 2017

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