Vinitaly 2022, three wines from the Ulpiani Institute awarded at the Enological Competition

The best wines have been selected and awarded in the Oenological Competition, organized by Crea (Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of the Agricultural Economy) and by the Ministry of Agriculture. The competition, which used the “Union Internationale des Oenologues” map for sensory analysis, involved the participation of 27 schools from all over Italy, from north to south, from 15 different regions, for a total of 64 wines. A testament to the growing interest and greater participation of schools, which also highlighted an increase in the quality standards of wines.
There is a common belief that the future of oenology is built on knowledge and experience. Therefore, in addition to theoretical knowledge, trust in practice is also important, which is also increasingly happening in school education. Like those of the technical and agricultural institutions, which in recent years have grown enrollments and interests, with many young people looking with conviction on an educational and life path in a world, the viticultural oenological, increasingly modern and in steps. with time, established in a synthesis with wisdom through the generations.
Young people who were among the protagonists of Vinitaly 2022, those of the restart. We have talked about them both as recipients of the ‘conscious drinking’ of consumers, which is responsible and attentive to sustainability, as well as for the contribution that new generations of producers can make to the future of the sector.
The wine competition, organized by Crea and the Ministry of Agriculture, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, University and Research, has seen and awarded the best agricultural institutions in Italy on the wine front as protagonists. Gian Marco Centinaio, the Deputy Secretary for Agricultural Policy with Responsibility for Wine, at the award ceremony in Verona during the Vinitaly Events, stated: “I am happy to reward these young people today, because education plays an important role. Competition is tight more and more interest from the schools, which is also accompanied by an increase in the quality standards “.
IIS Ulpiani participated in the competition with 3 wines, each awarded a “Diploma of Merit”. The three Ulpiani organic wines were also awarded to the five national awards for bio certification: Rosso Piceno DOC Biologico Rosso 2019, Marche IGT Cabernet Sauvignon 2020, Falerio DOC pecorino Biologico 2021.
Manager Rosanna Moretti, present at the award ceremony with the students of the year of the enotechnical specialization, gave a thought to the manager of the institute’s basement, the recently deceased oncologist Roberto D’Angelo, who guided the institute’s youth. Ulpiani in the creation of the wines presented in the competition.
Students of the Enotechnical Specialization Course (Sixth Year): Matteo Caucci, Irene Cellini, Alessio Costantini, Silvia Fratoni, Giuseppe Galeota, Gianluca Galiffa, Lorenzo Iachetti, Paolo Iozzi, Federico Ripani, Massimo Silvestri, Francesco Simonetti, Leonardo Vall Troiani.

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