Villabruna Primary School, approved the seismic improvement project

Important steps forward for the seismic improvement intervention of Villabruna Primary School; at its last meeting, the city council approved the final executive project of the works. The complex benefits from a contribution issued under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, University and Research, which aims to precisely examine seismic weaknesses and design anti-seismic adaptation interventions on public property used for the school, which fall into seismic zones 1 and 2.

The approved intervention consists of exceptional maintenance and structural restoration, without making any specific changes to the building and its distribution structure, but carrying out specific consolidations that allow the elimination of the vulnerable conditions of the structures.

As far as structural interventions are concerned, among other things, the reconstruction of the internal and external foundations is planned through the construction of double concrete concrete roads, the increase in the degree of constraint of the walls with the formation of reinforced concrete heaps along the corridor. , the reduction of torsional effects and the reduction of façade weaknesses due to the encirclement of many windows, the strip bars with metal sheets at ground level.

As a consequence of the structural and plant interventions, new interior finishes are also created, with additions of plaster and paint and with the remaking of some floors, while some improvements localized to the existing systems are also carried out at the same time.

In terms of expenditure, the works will require resources for a total of 550 thousand euros (434 thousand for works and 116 thousand for accessory costs), covered for 270 thousand euros thanks to the contribution of the school building plan 2020 and for the remaining 280 thousand with a mortgage of of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti.

“With the intervention in Villabruna Primary School,” commented the Public Works Commissioner Zatta, “another very important piece of the extraordinary maintenance plan and the anti-Semitic consolidation of communal buildings should be implemented, with particular reference to buildings scholastic; The project is also particularly important because it is located in one of the most popular hamlets of the commune.The well-known difficulties of the historic moment, associated with the procurement of raw materials and the dizzying increase in prices of the same, lead us cautiously about the timing of the Realization, further Zatta; the goal of the administration is in any case to start work at the end of the school year, to return the finished building – the expected execution times are about 300 days – to the beginning of 2023-2024.

“In this sense, for obvious safety reasons, it is not possible to carry out the work in the presence of the students,” said Education Commissioner Del Bianco. ‘To ensure the continuation of learning activities elsewhere, to minimize inconvenience to families’.

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