Videogames, a national competition for high school students has begun

The Sports Championship, based on an idea from the Alumni Maker Camp and CampuStore, kicks off on Tuesday, February 22nd

Start on Tuesday, February 22nd, with a training webinar whose link will be available on the Facebook page, the first sports championship for the school world and in particular at level II higher education institutions.

The initiative, called Lega Scolastica Esports (, aims to create a national competition between schools based on competitive video games, to provide teachers and students with a much broader practical overview of the potential of esports.

Behind the idea of ​​the Esports School League are two realities that have been working with the school for years: Maker Campa company based on alumni and specializing in the use of video games as educational tools in schools and museums e CampuStoreItalian leaders in the education market, where for decades, by bringing technological innovation and distributing the most innovative products in the sector to schools, has changed the path of teaching staff.

The goal of the Esports Scholastic League is to involve students in extracurricular activities through the use of competitive video games: several studies have definitely shown that students involved in extracurricular activities enjoy more “success” in a number of areas and this regardless of the proposed activity, be it a theater class, a gathering for robotics enthusiasts or watching historical films.

While among teens 97% of boys and 83% of girls play video games but do not participate in extracurricular activities, the idea of ​​offering a competition between schools based on e-sports means many students reach out to these boys “move”. the solitary world of digital games in the common space of your school computer lab. For the organizers, eSports will be an inclusive and engaging moment for all students, including those who would not otherwise participate in any extracurricular activities.

Pierluigi LanzariniCEO of CampuStore: “Sports are based on technology and offer a natural path for students who want to pursue a university specialization in STEM disciplines. It also helps students develop these soft skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership.”

“I would like a higher education institution in our area to take part in the initiative. This year we will start with Rocket Leaguee from next school year, we are confident to offer players like League of Legends, Overwatch or Valorant. The introduction of sports in high school enables students to do what they love and gives them additional opportunities for personal feedback and recognition as they develop critical thinking and interpersonal skills. Marco Vigelini CEO of Maker Camp: “We will, however, provide a significant added value: for the schools participating in the Esports Scholastic League, we will offer courses for transversal skills and orientation, the former school-work alternative being clear, highly qualified on a series of software attributable to one of the major software houses in the video game industry.

The Sports Scholastic League kicks off this year with a single competition in the Rocket League: Qualifiers will be held online between April and May, while finals are scheduled in Rome, and Cinecittà Filmstudios, on the occasion of the Videogame Festival ” Rome Videogame Lab “in the first weekend of November. To follow the webinar

Maker Camp(, a company specializing in improving the 21st community.

CampuStore ( is an Italian family business, leader in the education market, which for 30 years has carried out innovative educational projects for schools, teachers and other actors in the education sector by proposing “turnkey” ideas that include furniture, technologies and quality High-quality hands-on training courses for teachers, school managers, parents provided by CampuStore Academy, a Ministry-recognized training institute that also offers many free services to support the educational community. The first company to bring STEM and pedagogical robotics to Italy, today it has the largest catalog of pedagogical robotics in Europe: over time, it has distributed articles that have changed the path of teaching staff, such as IWBs, interactive monitors and unique facilities . educational robotics, Edtech, STEAM and digital innovation.

Rom Videogame Lab, is the first and only Italian event of applied players; interactive virtual simulations of reality achieved through game education, training, marketing and social and cultural awareness goals. The event takes place in the Cinecittà Studios and is curated by the Q Academy, a social enterprise that creates and implements production, training and improvement projects in the cultural and entertainment fields.

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