VIDEO | Here’s ‘Happy’, the project on youth justice and the fight against early school leaving

ROME – Guarantee of the right to study as opposed to the abandonment and early retirement of minorsie young adult perpetrators. These are the topics covered by the Interim conference of the project ‘Happy’ (Assistive activity program for the probation of young offenders) held today in Rome, in the Sala Minerva of Palazzo De Carolis, headquartered in Unicredit. Co-financed by the European Union under the program “Rights, Equality and Citizenship”, the project promoted by ECOS, in collaboration with the Juvenile Justice Center of Lazio, Abruzzo and Molise, the Adult Education Center N.3 and Next Salute e Servizi, counts to create alternative interventions for juvenile offenders on probation.

According to the size of the owner, Augusto Liani of UniCreditthe head of the Provincial Center for Adult Education n.3 Rome intervenes, Ada Mauriziounderlining the importance and urgency of a system intervention that truly guarantees the right to study of an ever-increasing number of minors and young adults subject to judicial authority measures, which from 15 May 2022 onwards national are 16,671, of which 2,949 are responsible for 2022 alone.

He then intervened Valerio Di Tommaso, President of ECOS and Coordinator of the “Happy” project, who emphasized the importance of European programs and the NRP’s financial capabilities for social issues. In fact, it is thanks to these contributions that the “Happy” project has made it possible to fund over 16 artistic and expressive workshops in the social communities, with the participation of 55 professionals and over 90 minors. Workshops range from catering to photography, from Etruscan archeology to rugby, from hip hop to football, from gardening to theater, from carpentry to videomaking, to music and cooking.

The “Happy” project also allowed the activation of Happy Training and Happy Mind, illustrated by Professor Santo Rullo, Psychiatrist and Coordinator of the Scientific Committee of ECOS, representing a continuing education service dedicated to the judicial staff. Minors and professionals intervening in the laboratories, and a psychological support service for juvenile offenders and their families, which they can request for free and in a very anonymous and confidential way via the website

During the morning, the Memorandum of Understanding between the Lazio Regional School Office and the Lazio, Abruzzo and Molise Juvenile Justice Center was officially presented, renewed on April 19, illustrated and discussed by Paola Mirti, representing the Lazio Regional School Office; Cinzia Scarpari, representing the Center for Juvenile Justice for Lazio, Abruzzo and Molise, and Nicoletta Capelli, representing the guarantor of persons deprived of liberty in the Lazio region, Stefano Anastasia. All participants emphasize the importance of school well education it is certainly one of the fundamental components of the conversion treatment of minors, juvenile prisoners and juvenile offenders serving a sentence outside of prison.

Education, in fact, it can lead to awareness and can help the child move away from any wrong choices. Just as it is important to activate all kinds of policies and interventions that can foster this synergy and the implementation of networks where all institutions are called upon to contribute, what is the main function of a system that should re-educate: d ‘Educational function of nationality. active. The protocol provides for the establishment of a technical table, consisting of two representatives of the regional school office, two of the Ministry of Justice and six of the schools, in order to plan, monitor and organize the various activities for the benefit of the children.

Participants issued a clear message: School is really important to make a difference in everyone’s lives. It is also needed for specific training, but especially training that includes educators and staff working with children.

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