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Veronelli’s first time with Carrefour. As of today, eighteen students from the hotel institute will receive their training and internships at the two places that have the giant of the European large distribution respectively in Casalecchio and Valsamoggia. The same place as the seat and branch of the high school that initiated this collaboration and training relationship in the pre-pandemic years, when the institute had not yet been aborted by the Castel San Pietro school. A pair of hypermarkets that collect more than sixty million receipts a year and can offer future catering or food professionals an all-round experience: From meat to fish dishes, bakeries, pastries, rotisseries, vegetables, cheeses and spices. In short, a full immersion in products and raw materials from choice to treatment in the relationship with the end customer, all with the support of the owners of the various departments, who are in part former hotel students.

“It is an important partner for our school – commented the teacher Rosalba De Vivo- The second stage has a formative value associated with coaching with experts and experts in their sector. The supervision of the teachers involved is also important. Teachers Fogacci, Friolo and Ruggeri “.

For Carrefour, representatives Natale Mastrota and Salvatore Todaro were present at the presentation of the internship: “The boys from the Casalecchio office will be present here in the Shopville center, while those from Valsamoggia will do their internship at the Carrefour hypermarket in the Melograno di Bazzano. – they have clarified Mastrota and Todaro- They start with training on safety in the workplace and will in part alongside their former training colleagues who now work with us.The proximity between workplace and home is a plus value, as well as the ‘Approach to a commodity sector, which our chain cares about with a broad view of the world market products, attention to sustainability and the fight against waste.

And when the second-class students find the classroom in a hypermarket for three weeks, the fourth- and fifth-grade students move to Bologna, to the cooking school ‘Ottoincucina’ according to the protocol signed in agreement with the municipality of Bologna and that it progress stage , Includes student orientation and the possibility of specialization courses at discounted prices.

Gabriele Mignardi

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