Vaccination obligation for school staff. Decree-Law 24/2022

The obligation to vaccinate is excluded only in the case of identified health hazards, in relation to
specific documented clinical conditions, certified by your doctor treating medicine
general or vaccinations, in accordance with the circular of the Ministry of Health
on the release of the vaccine against SARS-CoV-2. In such cases, vaccination may be required
delivered or suspended.

Only as far as teachers and educators are concerned, Art. 4-ter.2 of the Decree-Law
44/2021, also introduced by Decree-Law 24 of 24 March 2022, also known as a
detailed rules on the performance of the work. Yes
in fact, in paragraph 2, it provides that for teachers and pedagogical staff “vaccination
represents an essential necessity for educational activities in contact with
Students of the compulsory subjects “. Failure of the vaccination obligation,
determined in accordance with the procedure referred to in paragraph 3 of the same Article, “the manager states
School to use the default teaching staff and support activities for the institution
school “.

In the following section 4 it is further stated that “school managers and those responsible for
Institutions referred to in paragraph 1 shall offer, from 1 April 2022 until the end of the lessons
of the school year 2021/2022, to replace unvaccinated teachers and educators by designating permanent contracts concluded by law.
if the replaced subjects, after the vaccination obligation is fulfilled, buy back
the right to carry out learning activities “.

Therefore, from 1 April 2022 onwards, the effects of the suspension measures will stop
by teachers and educators arranged in accordance with previous legislation for failure
Fulfillment of the vaccination obligation. Said staff can be used for normal activities
Teach only if he has fulfilled the vaccination obligation, meanwhile, in case of persistent
Default, must be replaced according to the procedures set forth in paragraph 4 above.

Teachers and educators who do not receive the vaccination obligation may be employed
perform all the other functions that fall within their duties, such as
activities such as collegiate nature, programming, design,
Research, evaluation, documentation, updating and training.[…]

See full note: 2022_03_28 m_pi.AOODPIT.OFFICIAL REGISTER (U) .0000620.28-03-2022

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