USB: General strike of the school on May 6 and demonstration in the Ministry of Education

“The May 6, 2022 the school strikes, with national event at the Ministry of Education (Rome, Viale Trastevere 76 / A) from 9.30 am.

As we have been condemning for some time, the whole system is living in a state of extreme crisis: undersized teachers in ATA, job insecurity, dilapidated buildings in many cases not up to standard, inadequate classrooms and equipment, exploitation of students forced alternating paths between school and work pursue in contrast to their own growth and training process ”.

He communicates it in a note USB School.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine have caused the deterioration of the context in which we live and work. Focus on the instrument of social and democratic emancipation.

The Draghi government and Minister Bianchi do not seem to have the same opinion. The publication of the Economic and Financial Document 2022 was emblematic: The government has set up a progressive disinvestment in the education sector, from 4% of GDP in 2020 to 3.5% in 2025. As if that were not enough, the Council of Ministers recently new school decree which we want to challenge in terms of method and substance: a real reform that changes the material living conditions of all school staff, deteriorates and that is imposed by the government and the ministry again without discussion, and affirms a fundamental authoritarianism. which we are well acquainted with the great student mobilizations of recent months.

Such as Basic Union Union In the Student opposition of alternative We therefore commit to building a day of struggle and opposition to the policies of the Draghi Government on 6 May, with the workers’ strike and the active support of the students on the following platform:

  1. Defends the constitutional principle of the REPUBLIC OF WAR; against the war economy, increasing spending on arms and military servitude e AGAINST ALL BELLIC COMMITMENT
  2. CONTINUE THE NEW SCHOOL DECRETATION OF RECRUITMENT AND TRAINING introduced a real obstacle course for the stabilization of precarious workers, training and additional hours (mandatory for newly hired teachers from 2023-24), a salary incentive (actually at the discretion of the manager) determined only for 50% of those who conduct “voluntary” state indoctrination, transfer the school to the training lobbies
  3. FOR THE ABOLITION OF PCTOs and Internships and return to schools the tools and funds for the updating of laboratories and for the internalization of approaches to the world of work
  4. invest PNRR funds not in wild digitization, however Reduce the number of students per class to a maximum of 20 (15 in the presence of students with disabilities and for emergencies such as the pandemic in progress) ORDINALLY, employ teachers with 3 years and ATA with 2, invest significantly inSchool buildingfor 80% not up to standard and for 50% even without practicality.
  6. FOR THE RENEWAL OF THE CONTRACT, for more than 2 years now, with significant increases equal to all that make it possible to recover 20% of the purchasing power lost in the last decades and the real wage of the recovery of inflation and the cost of living dramatically deteriorated by the wars defend amgaang.
  7. Against the Invalsi quizzes and the national evaluation system
  8. FIR ENG TRUE UNION Democracy against the monopoly of the concerting unions, to give the workers the power to decide who they should represent “, concludes USB School.

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