USA. Thus, private schools are already introducing gender dogmas to 4-year-olds

Many American private school associations educate teachers for sexually explicit content to children from age four – secretly and unknown to their parents – under the auspices of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) as part of a “queer-inclusive” curriculum.

The online newspaper Breitbart News reviews a large collection of NAIS documents and teacher training courses delivered to private schools across the nationthose under the guise of “queer” and “LGBTQ + inclusive”, require the use of sexually explicit material in classrooms starting with Pre-K (4 years).

For example, it illustrates an almost hour-long training workshop how to talk to children about “gender, sexuality and identity”including talking to children in pre-K about “their bodies”, about “penises and vaginas” and about “how they feel inside, whether they feel like a boy or a girl”.

“Started by Pre-K – explains a teacher – we are talking about their bodies, the parts they were born with, penises and vagina and if these sexual attributes can identify a boy or a girl. But also about their feelings, how do they feel inside when they feel like a boy or a girl? What does her head look like? And if their hearts fit into their bodies “.

The papers also illustrate what a teacher once was like talked to the kids in pre-K about the “Vulva and Labia” and how they got this information with horror and confusion. The educator herself explains, according to the reviewed texts, that seven-year-olds (2nd grade) should be taught about gender identity, “in terms of head, heart and parts of the body that come together and what happens when not.”. He then goes on to detail what should be taught in Grade 5, explaining that students who are 10 years old should be taught about “internal and external genitalia, about hormones and chromosomes, about the body as something that has changed. can be “, but also terms and concepts such as” gender identity “,” gender expression “and” sexual orientation “.

Breitbart News received material from a network of “Mothers in Disguise” operating across the country against the forced LGBTI indoctrination of their children, against the decline of academic standards and the opacity of the school management of many institutions. The mother group has participants from across the political spectrum, including a number of women who were once or even in the past past politically active Democrats.

In response, NAIS member private schools throughout America have included provisions in enrollment agreements that Parents forbid them “[esprimere] a strong disagreement “with school policy or curriculum, under the veiled threat of the expulsion of children, if the parents were against such teachings, hence the hypersexualized indoctrination of their children

There is, therefore, a real ideological temptation, from childhood onwards, to create a new “human being” torn out of his heart and body. It seems to us equally serious and dangerous that neither the US Government nor the international bodies responsible for the protection of minors are moving a single finger for this violence and these forms of real abuse of children and their parents, in open violation of to ban human rights. .


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