A few years ago, in a survey of the Chambers of Commerce pointed out Benevento it had the second highest growth rate in Italy in the IT sectorInnovation and of New technologies.
In recent days, however, it has turned out that theUnisannio is an excellence especially in terms of research.

Today at a conference in the beautiful setting of Augustine the need to create, which leads to the above admirable results hand in hand, in a seminar on ICT and digital technologies as a lever of competitiveness, in which Samnite University and also the companies are represented Confindustria Benevento.
The Rector of the University Sannio Gerardo CanforaAs for new technologies, he explained: “If we think that the first computer arrived only 46 years ago, we understand how fast this sector has gone. On the other hand, the digital transformation is able to focus innovative ideas in a sector that is tumultuously and constantly changing.. Indeed, ideas have a specific life cycle, but then they need to be re-adapted: many have become archeologists in this sector in ten years. But innovation must have a business goal that is not just the market: we must separate the innovation cycle from the product cycle.

And he also intervened on the merits the Vice President of Confindustria Giovani Benevento, Mimmo Ialeggio: “We want to create a concrete systemic synergy between the world of schooling and academia and the world of entrepreneurship, with the university context as the pivot. For years, we have been working to create a kind of truly functional model to support the most interesting startups that are born in the school or in the classroom at the university. Sannio is an area full of potential, of excellence: like Unisannio but also think of Professor Mazzone (present in the classroom ed). However, the path of excellence must evolve: and through synergy it is possible. “

And the excellent results that have been achieved have also been improved by Professor Nicola Fontana, Director of the Unisannio Engineering Department: “A ministerial analysis says that the research produced by the engineering department is excellent: that is, about the parties. But we need strong support and continuous contact with companies: we need to understand what the university can give to the territory, create a virtual way to get to know each other thoroughly, for companies to understand how useful we can be “.
In the same vein, Professor Marco Consales, Delegate for Relations with Companies, stated: “It is important to promote the economic and social development of the area, to stop the flight of young talents, which is also an economic loss for the Sannio represents. In this sense, it is important to work hand in hand with businesses “.