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The University of Salerno – with the Fisciano Center (which gathers all knowledge in the humanities and technical-scientific field) and the Baronissi Center (dedicated to the medical and health professions) – is a “student” university, harmonious union between campuses and community. At the University, it is possible to study, work and enjoy your leisure time: In addition to the teaching and research facilities, the university campuses offer many services and facilities for sports and other passions.

The news of the education offer from Salerno University
for the coming academic year

For the year 2022/2023, UNISA’s educational offer will make it possible to choose from 90 study courses, ranging from life and health sciences to exact sciences, from the humanities and legal-economics fields to engineering and IT.
In addition to the three-year degree and single-cycle degree courses, there is also a wide range of post-graduate courses that include courses for teacher training, master’s and advanced courses, doctoral research and specialization schools.

The aim of the new UniSa study manifesto is to present a broader educational offer, enriched by innovative, attractive study courses in line with changes in society and the labor market.

In particular, the University has identified in the multidisciplinary pathways the paradigm through which graduates can train, who are able to better understand the complexities and evolutions of contemporary society and are able to respond to them with adequate and current skills. .

With this in mind, the education offer of the University 2022/23 provides for the accreditation proposal for 7 new study courses: one Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals Animal promoted by the Department of Pharmacy; a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Nanotechnology for Sustainability offered by the Department of Physics “ER Caianiello”; one more Bachelor’s degree in Digital Medicine Engineering in the Department of Information and Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics. For later courses, those of Master’s degree, which propose new training projects include one Master’s degree in Nursing and Midwifery Sciences of the Department of Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry “Scuola Medica Salernitana”; a Master’s degree in Management of Tourism Systems for Sustainable Development – with integrated courses for the Dooble Degree publication of the University of Salerno and Universidad de Extremadura (Spain) promoted by the Department of Political Science and Communication; a Experimental degree with vocational guidance and social work sciences in the Department of Political and Social Studies and finally a Master’s degree in Data Science and Innovation Management offered by the Department of Business Sciences, Management & Innovation Systems.

UNISA campuses welcome future members

Backpack, Notepad, Pen and Mask. The UnisaOrienta 2022 Kit is ready to accompany aspiring freshmen on an exploration tour in and around the University from March to September. “UNISA, UniversOpportunity”: The event, which is designed every year by the CAOT UniSa Center to welcome and guide the school student community to the future university elections, this year uses the metaphor of the universe.

The energy, the planets, the stars represent the opportunities, the structures, the services that make up the Unisa universe. A constantly evolving universe that adapts to the wishes and needs of its inhabitants, especially the students. It is for them that the university has implemented a series of benefits, ranging from scholarships, accommodation, canteens, exceptional grants, guidance, partial or total exceptions to the payment of university fees. With reference to the tax plan, the University approved in the academic year 2021/22, as the only university in the university, the increase of the No Tax Area threshold to 30,000 Euros: all enrolled students with an ISEE value between 0 and 30,000 Euros totally exempt from university fees and the same happens for students who are already students. (up to 1 year from the course) in possession of the minimum earning requirements provided for in the current legislation.

The aim is to guarantee the right to education and to support it ever better for the future. A future that also consists of openness, given the large number of international cooperation agreements that the university draws up with foreign institutions, in order to offer the student community new growth and training opportunities. Also for the academic year 2022-2023, the University has issued the call for selection for the development of mobility for study in the Erasmus + 2021-2027 program, of the agreements that aim to issue double and triple qualifications. About 2,500 places are available on the over 900 existing agreements with more than 400 European and non-European universities. With these numbers and this perspective, the university aims to be a “bridge to the future” for its student community: a bridge between the school world and work, towards growth and education for conscious citizens, in possession of up-to-date and innovative Skills and above all a constant curiosity for knowledge in all its nuances.

For more information on the University of Salerno, visit the unisa.it website

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