Unique universal permit: new requirements for adult children

Single universal check for adult dependent children: a new squeeze is coming out of theInps about the requirements for obtaining support. Let us immediately see what the new rules are and respect the new parameters. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Universal single allowance for adult children

As of last March 1, the government has been standing by control the Universal Single for dependent children up to 21 years and without age limit for disabled children. A monthly allowance, the amount of which may vary depending on the size of the family unit.

Specifically, it ranges from a minimum of 50 euros to a maximum of 175 euros for each minor child and from a minimum of 25 to a maximum of 85 euros for adults. Values ​​to which all increases in case of disability are included, mothers under 21 years, large families or with Isee under 25 thousand euros.

However, as well as by ‘Il Sole 24 Ore‘, L’Inps has recently initiated further checks on applications, mainly concerning adult children, for which the Institute has set stricter requirements in message no. 1714 of April 20, 2022. Here are all the latest news about it.

The new requirements

According to the law, the only control for adult dependent children up to 21 years it is provided in case:

  • You go to a school, vocational training or diploma;
  • You do an internship and have a total income of less than 8,000 euros per year;
  • the child concerned is unemployed and looking for a job in the public employment services;
  • universal civil service is carried out.

With the message of April 20, youInps he then specifies with reference to the second condition “that the total income for Irpef purposes is represented by the sum of all taxable income, gross deductible charges and all deductions (including, for example, rental income)”.

The institute also focuses on two cases in particular: that of the adult child living together and that of the adult child not living together.

In this respect, you areInps specifies that in both cases the following conditions must be met at the same time:

  • in the second preceding calendar year, the total gross income of the adult child may not exceed the threshold of 4 thousand euros;
  • in the reference year ofsingle check, the presumed total gross income should not exceed 8 thousand euros.

We can therefore conclude that in the case of an adult child outside the home, the income threshold to be respected is double.

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