Ukraine, Toti: “We will unite all branches to which the Ukrainian citizens must turn”

The first meeting of the Regional Operations Committee chaired by the President of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti as Commissioner for Emergency and Refugee Management took place today in the presence of the Mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci, of Civil Protection with the Councilor. Giacomo Giampedrone, Education Councilor Ilaria Cavo, Construction Councilor Marco Scajola, Director General Alisa Filippo Ansaldi, Director General of Asl 3 Giacomo Zappa, Presidents and Prefects of the 4 Provinces, Mayors of the Capitals and Anci all to approve the actions implemented in the Ukrainian administration.

“This afternoon,” explained Giovanni Toti, President of the Liguria Region, “we conducted the first check-in room, which will continue tomorrow with a technical table. is, the stp code (foreigners temporarily present) and the residence permit. We identify suitable places in all provinces to unite the path. At present, most of the people who have reached Liguria are not housed in public systems because they have found help from friends and family.

“Today’s meeting was a fundamental step,” said Genoa’s prefect Renato Franceschelli. Having seen so much spontaneity, we need to put everything back into a more coordinated and controlled environment, also so that Ukrainian citizens themselves can benefit from a whole range of services, so we will provide a single counter for everyone, including all the Municipalities coordinated. The emergency is bound to grow and for this reason the new control room allows us to better manage the situation “.

“As the first reception system – explains Civil Protection Adviser Giacomo Giampedrone – so far in Liguria we have 175 seats in former Covid structures; tomorrow at the latest tomorrow we can also make public the announcement of the first reception to hotel structures dedicated to this type Meanwhile, on the last day of Gaslini’s mission to Poland, 4 other children arrived at the pediatric hospital and remain in the structure via Liri.

“We will continue with our joint commitment to guarantee the assistance and care needed for all refugees arriving,” said Filippo Ansaldi, Alisa Director General. “I thank all the companies, hospitals and staff for what they have done be aware that this emergency must be confronted with the commitment and commitment of everyone for their part.Today, 287 refugees are cared for by our ASL, a total of 2813, with 2311 STP carried out.The largest number of people taken into care are in Asl3 with 1227 refugees.I also invite all Ukrainian citizens who have not followed this path to go to the infopoints to get the STP code and health card.


And today in the region there was also a meeting with the Ukrainian community to address the needs related to school and social, convened by Councilor Ilaria Cavo in the presence of representatives of the University, Regional School Office, Third Sector Forum, Anci Liguria. Meanwhile, the need for school integration of Ukrainian children has emerged from the comparison.

“To date, just over 100 children have been cared for by the regional school system,” said Commissioner Ilaria Cavo. a flow wider school to ensure that minors are engaged to continue their studies in the medium term.All the opportunities for enrollment in a welcoming and open school will be illustrated by the Ukrainian Genoese community in a meeting scheduled for Wednesday 23. March, starting from the approximately 4 thousand places provided by the Ligurian school network (two thousand in Genoa), to which 250 places will be added, provided by the professional training bodies.

But today’s session highlighted in particular the need to organize in an organic way the voluntary work that some representatives of the Ukrainian community generously carry out in schools as translators, who take into account objective difficulties in finding the right mediators in the market. .

“As the Department of Social Policy – including Ilaria Cavo – we have made the resources available to enable the third sector to take specific measures to support these volunteers, to recognize their work so that it can be structured and coordinated through subsidy pacts. “activates from the third sector to support the inclusion of Ukrainian minors in the Ligurian schools.”

Another measure supported by regional funds is that of language training provided by the CPIA (Provincial Adult Education Centers), which currently has 42 Ukrainians in charge but whose capacity may increase. This occasion was also illustrated by Oleh Sahaydak, representative of the Ukrainian community in Genoa, and will be explained in the larger meeting of the day after tomorrow. The University of Genoa, represented by Vice-Rector Fulvio Mastrogiovanni, reiterates its willingness to enroll only 17-year-olds (especially girls) in specific study courses in English, including online, to compensate for missing school years. Students want to stay in Italy and enroll in the next university year.

“During the meeting, a monitoring of Ukrainian students following the lessons of the father was also asked to guarantee them an adequate coaching of the scholastic institutions. – Ilaria Cavo concluded – The intention of the region to put in the field, with the instruments of the Social Fund, a specific accompanying measure for young Ukrainians also for the summer “.


“Together with the four ARTE of the territory – explains the construction consultant Marco Scajola – we have worked with great care to identify houses that will be made available to Ukrainian refugees in a short time, and try not to delete accommodation that by ranking, but most of other realities together.With the administrators of ARTE we met the prefects of the area to coordinate the work of the management of the same housing together.We want as soon as possible are ready to accommodate the refugees in the identified shelters, from today we also started to mix the dwellings we had examined but not furnished.In the Savona area a public notification has been active since this morning for a manager identify that organizes the reception of Ukrainian refugees.In this worldwide emergency situation we work with great commitment ement and a sense of responsibility to provide the ARTE accommodation, but at the same time we work to not remove it from the ERP ranking, as no one should be left behind “.

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