UGL: ‘It’s time to rethink school!’

We receive and publish a press release sent to us by the press office of the UGL Scuola National Federation.

Cuzzupi: It’s time to rethink school!

The pandemic has not yet happened, the problems revealed have not found a solution, the precariousness remains so despite the various contests being announced that never solve the basic question, respect for the classroom, starting with salaries, is now on a minimum condition, here, that is the situation of the educational institution.

“Yes – says the national secretary of the UGL school Ornella Cuzzupi” for every disease) will fall on the rocks of reality. The school has to be completely rebuilt and the opportunity that exists at the moment can not be thrown away! The events that are now happening every day, showing how we have reached the end of the line and want to continue on this path, is an unfortunate vision for the future.

Secretary Cuzzupi continues: “School construction, the introduction of a new force into the workforce with mechanisms that are closer to reality and less bureaucratic, the reinterpretation of the process that should lead children into the world of work, Respect and improvement, from professional figures to critical and propositional analysis of the pedagogical structure itself are issues that are directly on the table. by measuring ideas and projects with everyone, not just those who feel comfortable.

It is trivial – the trade union emphasizes – to say that school is not, of course, vocational training, but that the school must prepare for work in a serious and safe way. A few hours of distraction, which appear more like “image exploitation” than a serious contribution to pedagogical logic, are pointless and can, as it were, generate dramas that are difficult to understand and about which children have the right to protest. . The school has to prepare for tomorrow and do it in every aspect.

Circumstances such as those associated with prof. Morabito are the clear reference of how it is not possible to imagine a school from this world or anywhere the same. Maximum attention must be paid to the territories, the school must represent the fertilizer for the growth of places and the logic of legality. Teachers can not, and must not, be left alone in the area as the pandemic has shown. For these reasons, we invite Prime Minister and Minister Bianchi to an open and public discussion, which serves to draw the lines for a future of the school, which consists not only of siblings and money spent without adequate planning.

National Federation UGL School

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