UGL: everything stopped due to the reopening of the school, but we get the president and director of the higher education school with a salary of 500 thousand euros

“What we announced at the end of June has materialized in these days of summer heat, announcing a kind of coup that serves little or nothing for the school, but a lot to guarantee leadership positions before the elections can cause upheavals and changes in the guard.”

The National Secretary of the UGL School Ornella Cuzzupi wastes no time to stigmatize what has arisen in these hours regarding the appointment to the Presidency of the Higher Education School “A structure – continues Cuzzupi – that the operators should provide training in the sector, in practice something that should of course already belong to the Ministry but has been “reinvented” ad hoc, in order to use the excuse of the now ubiquitous (so to speak) PNRR prebends of hundreds of thousands of euros to friends of friends guarantee. A real scandal that you want to pass off as useful, while the whole architecture of the school is falling apart and nothing, I repeat, nothing has been done to improve the state of things. Now we are going beyond the decency
wasting public money instead of directing it to necessary and urgent goals”.

An issue, that of missed interventions, on which Cuzzupi and his organization have been fighting for months. “There are absolutely urgent needs that have been systematically forgotten, the school staff really need support for their actions, suitable structures and maximum security within the institutions. Interests not partisan but from everything starting from families and students. But it never seems possible to are that huge sums of money – and we are talking about a million euros – are thrown to the wind or, in this specific case, in a wagon useful only and exclusively for bad politics and a serious policy of adjustment. not initiated by the classes in addition to the correct, fair and adequate contractual recognition of the staff
from school? But does it seem acceptable to you that at the opening of the school year we have the same, identical, very serious problems that have been recorded so far, but with a president and a general director of the Lycée de Formation with salaries whose sum is more than 500,000 euros? “

The announcement of the UGL Scuola does not stop at these words. “I understand – resumed the National Secretary – that we are in a certain period of the year, and as it happens now, various things are started, but it is not possible to participate quietly in similar, indecent shows, especially when everything is disguised by a shameful utility that humiliates and makes fun of the school staff and families. For our part, in addition to making such a scandal public and clear, we strongly call for an intervention of the social and political forces to join our recriminations for such a mess to prevent

If this does not happen, before the situation of the school and the school staff continues to deteriorate, we will be forced to start a season of struggle and public demonstrations in defense of the educational institution, the workers and the children who have even been rejected. Aerator from a few tens of euros!”

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