U19, Nzouango: ‘Chiellini and Bonucci? I also have the Juve mentality. No Varane? I’m telling you that … ‘

Felix Nzouango Juventus spring squad players spoke Eurosport ahead of the Youth League match for today at 4pm. The words:

Adaptation – “It’s definitely a big change. There are a lot of bigger infrastructures here. The level has also changed a lot compared to Amiens, who remain a very good club. But when you come to Juve, of course. Here come the players from all over. “Around the world, it’s another challenge. I really appreciated that factor.”

THE ELECTION – “You work for Juve. I read a lot of interviews with players who were at Juve who said that work here was very important. So I really like this aspect of the club. And then I’m a defender. Bonucci saw, Chiellini we liked the defense very much, he did not concede anything on the pitch, even if you lose, you do not have to give up on Juventus, that is my mentality, the club also showed that they really want me. Directors often called me on the phone, and that certainly tipped the scales. “

FRANCE RENDER – “It’s not easy to leave your family, your friends, it also hurts your heart. But it’s also interesting to discover something different. I always wanted to discover a club abroad to improve me. My family calmed me down for a long time. before my departure “.

ITALIAN – “For a year I was in the training center with other young people who helped me a lot to speak the language, to accompany me when we went to the canteen, to buy everyday things in the city. Today I have an apartment that I found thanks to a manager of the club who takes care of the research, procedures and practice.Juve is there for you every day. “

THE STUDY – “When I arrived, I was in my senior year. But I never really liked the school. I continued to play French and English, as well as Italian. For those who want their education, even higher, the club is there to help with everything. “

THE TWIN BROTHER – “I always played with him, but as soon as he heard about Juve’s interest, he told me I should take my chance. He did not hold me back. He told me, ‘You can do it, do it.’ ! He pushed me to leave. “

FOOTBALL DIFFERENCES – “For me, the work is more focused on the technical side in France. For example, learning to handle the ball, passing between lines, etc. Here it’s more on the tactical side, aggressive and defensive. You learn to position on the pitch. both make a great mix. “

ITEM – “I do not know if I am the new Varane, we will see in the future (laughs). But I am very flat.”

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