Two didactic engines for student education at the Corni Institute in Modena

Two learning motors, one hybrid and one electric, are now available for IeFP course students Self-repair mechatronic operator by IPSIA “Fermo Corni”, the historic high school of Modena, which just last year celebrated its centenary. The purchase was made possible thanks to a donation from Banco San Geminiano a San Prospero Foundation (Banco BPM).

Positioned in the school laboratory, the two engines were the backdrop for the official presentation in the presence of the President of the BSGSP Foundation Claudio Rangoni Machiavellithe head of the Emilia Adriatica Department of Banco BPM Stefano Bolis and the teacher Edoardo Piparo who recently took over the baton from teacher Carla Deiana, to carry out an operation that was launched in 2021 and is highly desired by both.

The donation of 12 thousand euros made it possible, especially e Toyota Hybrid Motor an a Renault Zoe Nissan Leaf electric motor mounted on a tripod and cut to fit the internal components in full view. Students can thus gain specific skills in the management of these special devices that can be used to be highly competitive in the job market.

“We are proud to carry out this project in favor of a school that represents a real excellence of the territory – explained Claudio Rangoni Machiavelli, President of the BSGSP Foundation – As a foundation, we are fully committed to education, because that means supporting young people and I believe that today, in the deep complexity of the context in which we live, this is all the more necessary. This initiative – Rangoni Machiavelli completed – further demonstrates the desire, together with the Banco BPM, to be a reference point for the territory ».

“We thank the Fondation BSGSP once again for making an important purchase possible, which gives our children the opportunity” to get their hands on the special components of the engines of modern cars, also with a view to a more ecological Sustainability of transportation, in the heart of the Motor Valley – commented on Teacher Edoardo Piparo I believe that this is only the first step in a broader synergy with the territory of an institute with a strong vocation to take on a proactive and innovative role, in order to offer the educational community endless opportunities for growth.


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