Tuesday’s press conference

July 25, 2022 1:27 p.m

The catalog, which contains the valuable results of the ABA’s “pre-academic” project, will be presented to the public on Tuesday 26 July at 10.30 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catanzaro, a way for students (both high school students, “Incoming” ) students), with the aim of raising skill levels, improving the educational offer, reducing the rate of student migration to other regions or abroad and therefore creating a significant growth of the general culture in the territory.

The director of the Academy of Fine Arts of Catanzaro, Prof. Virgilio Piccari, and the head of the “Pre-academics” project, Prof. Giovanni Carpanzano, will be present at the conference.


The pre-academic courses, divided into three macro-areas (Visual Arts; Applied Arts and New Technologies and Pedagogy and Didactic of Art), provided the students with the foundation to learn the disciplines that establish the study courses of the course academically, by experimenting with materials useful to obtain concreteness of the artistic sector Tout Court and to fully understand the world of work.


The project was carried out thanks to the high technical and professional competence of all the staff involved, in fact, the Academy of Fine Arts of Catanzaro, as an institute of high artistic and musical education that has influenced the Calabrian territory for over forty years, has always had talents trained in professions focused on the world of work and specific skills, as well as encouraging the development of those sensitive and creative goals for the promotion and development of the entire region, above all thanks to its prestigious faculty, which with, among its ranks , some of the most active contemporary artists.


“Despite the limits imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced us online for two of the three years of the project, we created a grandiose path that tripled enrollments at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catanzaro and network has improved with the high schools with which we have achieved important synergies, including implementing school-work alternation activities in the afternoon art workshops thanks to our project “said Giovanni Carpanzano. “This has highlighted the needs of high schools that require artistic and laboratory skills to complete the education of students and in the perspective of future teachers. On the other hand, more and more students are making post-graduate choices oriented towards the humanities and artistic faculties, motivated by the desire to work in the field of culture, creativity, school and university education. “Calabria – added Virgilio Piccari – finally, a country of natural, landscape, archaeological and cultural heritage of significant value, the natural vocation must to implement beauty, stimulate and educate citizens: the task of this education is to schools and above all to “academy, whose challenge is to be more competitive in the world of work, to guarantee its students certain professional opportunities”.

To achieve the goals of orienting high school students to a conscious choice for their future in full compliance with their respective curriculum and the related purpose of raising the level of skills and giving future freshmen the basic tools in these fundamental disciplines offer, in the absence. of which the academic path would be slowed down, therefore the strategy was adopted to involve the students in the academic life.

The main tools were lectures, seminars, laboratory activities, together with specific research projects, in relation to new technologies, developments in the world of communication and creativity, visual arts with advertising and the pre-production of the film The Void of which the Academy is . a partner.

With the projects and/or research activities, the students in the field could experience the theoretical notions taught during the lectures and seminars: work on the film set, design of virtual worlds, laboratory practices of art teaching, organization of events or the curation of exhibitions, the planning and management of an advertising campaign, these are the main specific research projects carried out to support the experiential practice of the students.

The results of this extraordinary project are collected in a catalog that will be presented to the public and the press at the conference.

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