Trial year for new employees 2021/22, Final assessment: from interview to confirmation or not in the role. The procedure

Confirmation in the role of the newly hired teachers and with the change of role is the responsibility of the teacher after they have participated in the interview before the evaluation committee. The procedure and possible outcomes.

Activities and service days / didactic activity

During the training and rehearsal years, newly hired teachers and role-playing teachers carry out the planned training activities (Preparatory and final restitution meetings; Training workshops and / or visits to innovative schools; “Peer to peer” and observation in class; Online Training) and prepare the professional portfolio.

Once the mentioned activities have been carried out and the planned 180 service days, of which at least 120 didactic activities have been carried out, the interested parties are in the interview before the Committee for the Evaluation of Teachers (hereinafter the Evaluation Committee).


The final evaluation is divided into the following phases:

  1. Interview before the evaluation committee;
  2. Statement of opinion of the evaluation committee;
  3. Confirmation or not in the role of teacher teacher.


In the period between the end of the learning activities – including the qualification and the state examination – and the end of the school year, the school principal calls on the evaluation committee to express an opinion on the overcoming of the training and test time.

For the above purpose, the teacher supports an interview before the committee, which begins with the presentation of the learning and training activities and the related documentation in the professional portfolio.

The portfolio is provisionally delivered by the teacher to the teacher, who submits it to the evaluation committee at least five days before the date of the interview.

The interview can only be canceled once in the presence of unavoidable disabilities. In the event of the interview being discontinued, which is not motivated by the above obstacles, the Committee may still express the opinion expressed.

Opinion of the Committee

At the end of the interview, the evaluation committee meets to express its opinion, based on (in addition to the interview):

  • Survey presented by the tutor teacher, conducted with regard to the training activities prepared and the learning experiences and participation in the life of the school of the new teaching staff or with a change of role;
  • Report presented by the teacher, which includes documentation of the training activities, the forms of use and any other information or evidence useful for expressing an opinion.

The opinion of the committee is obligatory, but not binding: the teacher may, with a motivated deed, decide otherwise than that expressed by the same (committee).

Confirmation and role

The teacher goes on to evaluate the teacher during the training and probationary period, as well as to confirm whether the newly hired teacher is in the role or with the change of role, based on the preliminary investigation completed and with particular reference to:

  • Possession of the newly employed professional standards, referred to in Article 4 of Ministerial Decree no. 310/2021;
  • Achieving the cultural, disciplinary, didactic, methodological and relational development objectives set out in the Professional Development Pact (established on the basis of initial skill assessment)
  • Final skill assessment, aimed at recording professional progress, hypothesizing the impact of completed training actions.

Taking this into account above, the manager gives a motivated determination of:

  1. Confirmation and rolein the case of a favorable judgment;
  2. Repeat training and rehearsal time, in the event of an unfavorable judgment. In this case, the provision must indicate the criticisms that have arisen and the forms of training support and verification of the achievement of the standards required to identify the confirmation in the role (remember that the training and the test year can be repeated only once; case of postponement of the above year due to failure to reach the 180 service, of which at least 120 didactic activities).

Repeat year and process

During the second training and testing period, a check is compulsorily arranged by a technical manager, the aim of which is to obtain every element that is useful for assessing the trait of the teacher.

The report of the Technical Manager issued is an integral part of the documentation to be reviewed by the Evaluation Committee at the end of the second test period.

The consistent evaluation may include:

  • Recognition of the adequacy of professional skills and therefore confirmation in the role;
  • Failure to recognize the adequacy of professional competencies and consequent failure to confirm the role, in accordance with current legislation.

In the event of serious gaps of a cultural, methodological-didactic and relational nature, the school principal promptly requests a specific inspection visit.


The provision of confirmation or not in the role must be accepted and communicated to the interested party by 31 August 2022. Failure to comply with this deadline may determine profiles of responsibility. Similarly, liability profiles can be established in case of a wrong execution of the procedure described above.

DM 310/2021

Ministerial Decree 850/2015

Notice 4/10/2021

Notice 21/04/22

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